Top Video Converter – Win X Video Converter Review

By  //  September 26, 2021

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WinX Video Converter is the most sought out video converter in the market, used by both film and television industry professionals for converting digital videos. This tool is used extensively in different sectors for professional work, entertainment or movies. This high-quality converter offers better image quality over any other video conversion software. 

As we know that there are many tools available in the market, but most of them do not meet the expectation of the customers. While choosing any tool, one should keep in mind the features. It should be user friendly and easy to use for everyone. Let’s look at the main and foremost features and advantages of WinX Video Converter. Also we are going to the how-to guide in detail.  

  • Convert 4K/HD large video for better compatibility.
  • 47X faster processing speed can be achieved. 
  • It takes advantage of Level-3 hardware acceleration to decode, process and encode large 4K/1080p or high-frame video at no.1 fast speed.
  • Multiple input & output formats. 
  • Converts and processes footage in any format. 
  • All-in-one functions. Not only converting, but also compressing and resizing large video file size by OVER 90% without losing quality. 
  • Users can trim, crop, set video parameters and add subtitles, etc. 
  • It’s user-friendly for both the inexperienced and the adept.

WinX Video Converter features various features including the import and export of video and photo from digital camera or memory card, copy video and photo, convert video to normal file, and several other features.

In addition, the software has a fast-scanning speed that eliminates the delays that usually occur while conversion. You can even convert different file formats, such as AVI, MPG, and WMV, directly in the software. 

Moreover, it provides an efficient toolbox, so that you can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. With this, you can get rid of the hassles of transferring the files to your computer and can save much time and money.

This software is absolutely free to download. Also, the installation process is simple and quick, which means that you can use WinX Video Converter free anytime.

Tips: How to Convert 4K/HD Video to MP4 with WinX Video Converter

First, Go to search WinX Video Converter in Google, then choose the official website to free download WinX Video Converter to our computer. Then, just follow the steps below to convert a 4K video to MP4 format.

Step 1. Upload Your 4K Video to WinX Video Converter

Install and run WinX Video Converter on your computer. Click the “+Video” button to load your video files. You can drag your video to the blank area on the left.

Step 2. Select Output Format [MP4]

After adding video, the video’s information, such as name, video size, video length, duration and output will be shown in the file list. Now, you need to choose an output video format (AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPEG) which you want to convert. Here we take MP4 as an example.

Step 3. Convert 4K to MP4

Click the “Browse” button in output setting area to select a destination folder in the dialog box that opens, and then click OK. Then, check the files needed to convert in the file list, and click “RUN” button to start converting the 4K video. You can view the conversion progress from the progress bar at the bottom of the dialog box.

Advanced Features of WinX Video Converter

WinX Video Converter Deluxe is amazing as it’s more advanced and useful but just the advanced features are exceeded here:

It comes with hundreds of presets for conversion, it supports UD as well as UHD formats as well as support for 4K/8K video conversion, and other tools to speed up the conversion process.

The program will not take up too much space on your PC. It takes up about 125MB on your hard disk, and needs the use of 256 MB of RAM as well as video card performance with a 1.05GHz Intel/AMD processor. 

  • Conversion speed: Average
  • Video editing feature: Yes
  • System architecture: 32/64 bits systems
  • Video codecs supported: 210+ codecs
  • Download online videos: Yes
  • Support for large videos: Yes
  • Photo slideshow feature: Yes
  • Subtitles: Supported

The Bottom Line

There are various other video converters available on the Internet, including the proprietary ones that come at a price. However, these programs cannot be used to convert video for regular purposes. If you want to perform video conversion on a regular basis, you can try WinX Video Converter.