Understanding the Process of Suing a Hairdresser

By  //  September 23, 2021

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It has already been established that filing a compensation claim against a hairdresser is not a straightforward process. Arguably, you cannot handle it on your own. Instead, you need the help of a specialist, an experienced solicitor handling hairdressing claims.

There are several steps to take in making hairdressing compensation claims. First, even if you have a solid case, you have to contend with the two parties involved: you and the hairdresser, or rather your insurance company and the insurance company of the hairdresser. They will have their solicitor, who will be at the negotiating table with your solicitor. It could take months or even years before you can settle the claim. 

Steps in preparing to sue a hairdresser

Even when you have not received instructions from your solicitor, here are the steps you should take to prepare for a hairdressing claim. These steps will guide you on where to begin so that you can start the process correctly. 

1. Create a record of your salon appointment

It’s essential to have a record of the date and time of your visit to your hairdresser. It will be better if you also record the full name of the stylist, and the name, address, and contact information of the salon. Then, while you are still at the salon, find out the brand, manufacturer, and other details of the hair treatment solution used on you. It is likewise helpful to record the time you stayed at the salon and a rough transcript of your discussion with the hairdresser regarding the incident.

2. Collect supporting evidence

Your claim will have more chances of success if you provide photos of the injury or damage. For example, if your hair is damaged, keep the stands of damaged hair and store them in a clean and resealable plastic bag. In addition, you can boost the claim if you have some photos of your hair before it was damaged. 

If the damage caused you some form of injury, you should visit a doctor. Ensure that you keep a record of your appointments, such as date, time, doctor’s name, name and address of the medical clinic. Also, include the summary of the doctor’s diagnosis. 

3. Find a solicitor

You should work with a solicitor with expertise in hairdressing claims. Most professional solicitors specialising in hairdressing claims have doctors and trichologists who can help their clients. Most offer a no-win-no-fee arrangement, meaning you do not pay them if they fail to win your case.

Once you hire the law firm, they will prepare a case plan and guide you on the following steps to take. The services of the doctors and trichologists will help increase the chances of winning and getting the highest compensation amount possible.

4. Settle in or out of court

Most solicitors would advise their clients to settle out of court, which would benefit all parties. But if the negotiations fail to arrive at an amicable settlement, the law firm will take your case to court.

These are the essential steps in processing a hairdressing claim. Ensure that you have a legal advisor so you can get the compensation due to you. 

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