How My Little Salesman Is Addressing the Commercial Truck, Trailer and Heavy Equipment Shortage

By  //  October 5, 2021

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The American market is facing a host of issues today with extensive delays in the supply chain, and this has led to an ongoing shortage of commercial trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment. When compared with the last five years, the quantity of available equipment is low.

Orders for many types of new equipment have been backed up until the end of next year while used equipment is being sold by dealers as quickly as they get their hands on it. 

In short, it can be virtually impossible to obtain the commercial equipment that your business needs since, due to the competitiveness of the market at the current time, the chances of equipment being sold from under you by cash buyers while you seek out financing are high. 

With this in mind, finding a reliable supplier couldn’t be more important to the continuity of your business, and that’s where can help. 

What Is is a leading marketplace online for a wide range of used and new commercial equipment. Thousands of private individuals and dealers list heavy equipment that they are selling on this marketplace including commercial trailers, trucks, farm equipment, construction equipment, logging equipment, and parts. 

Is A Reliable Solution?

More than 20,000 people visit the platform each and every day to shop for high-quality commercial equipment thanks to its ability to serve a broad spectrum of industries. The company has earned a trusted reputation within its sector, having been in operation since 1958 when it started life as a print advertising catalog.

My Little Salesman was first established to meet the needs of industries requiring heavy equipment. At that time, dealerships were few and far-between, classified adverts were inefficient and traveling salesmen were thin on the ground. My Little Salesman was created to fill the gap. 

Set up by Cliff Womack and Dick Pierce – two logging industry workers who understood all-too-well how difficult it was to get their hands on high quality heavy equipment – My Little Salesman was originally launched in the form of an equipment catalog which was send out just a few thousand buyers across the Pacific North West region. 

Taking its name from its compact size – small enough to fit into a pair of dungarees’ or sport coat pocket – the My Little Salesman catalog was mailed out on a monthly basis in a format that was robust enough to hold up on jobsites or inside a truck’s cab. The result was a company that was a great success. Yet it didn’t rest on its laurels. Rather, My Little Salesman continued adapting and changing to meet the ever-changing needs of the market. 

Almost 40 years after its launch, My Little Salesman was brought into the digital age thanks to Dick’s son Jason, who sought to connect a whole new generation of buyers and sellers by harnessing the cutting-edge technology of the day and developing the functionality and tools that could help sales teams to thrive.

Providing Services For Dealers As Well As Buyers

Not only is a commercial online marketplace offering high quality equipment to buyers, but it also provides services to dealers including an innovative cloud-based DMS (dealer management system) which features a powerful system for inventory management that integrates with sales desks, lead management and CRM contacts.

No longer simply a listings service, My Little Salesman has put together a skilled team of technology professionals to create and deploy tools like invoicing and sales management, professional web design, digital marketing services and more.

An On-The-Go Sales Tool

More than six decades since the original copy of the My Little Salesman paper catalog was sent out, the company is still providing a pocket-sized solution to the problem of buying and selling heavy commercial equipment. Accessible from mobile devices,’s platform displays products effectively to an enormous audience while also allowing dealers to run their whole sales department from the palm of their hand.

Why Choose

Several generations on, My Little Salesman is still achieving success despite the ever-changing conditions in the market and the continually fluctuating needs of customers. The secret to the company’s success lies in its willingness to listen to customers’ problems and to respond to them with user-friendly solutions. 

When you choose My Little Salesman, you have all your sales needs met at your fingertips. Whether you need to buy, sell or rent any type of commercial equipment from tractors and trucks to lifting or logging equipment, you can be confident that you’ll find everything you require on the platform – the ideal solution to today’s ongoing heavy equipment supply shortage. 

Visit the My Little Salesman website now and discover listings for all the heavy equipment that you need to keep your business up and running in these challenging times. 

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