How to Remove Date From Photos

By  //  October 28, 2021

I was trying to use some photos for a design project and then I had an issue with the stamped dates. So, I researched on this and decided to share a helpful post on how to remove date from a photo.

Remove date stamp from photo

Removing date from photo takes very simple 3 to 5 processes. Usually, if you are not familiar with these, you might be stocked with them just like me.

It’s not going to be a troubling issue after this because I’m going to show you the easy way on how to do that in this post.

Why to remove date from photos?

Although, this might not be something to consider for some personal purposes. Sometimes you might prefer a camera with photo date and time stamp feature to help you keep the memory or record.

However, when you want to use your photos for printing or sharing, it is completely a problem to use date stamp photos because you need the photos to look clean and professional.

As simple as it may be, you could just switch off the photo date and time stamp feature on your camera or phone setting, but this will only help to prevent subsequent occurrence. 

I’m sure as you are looking for this, it means you have taken your shots already and did not switch the date and time stamp off, so you have it in your photo and you want to remove it.

Using software to remove date from photo

When I first had this same problem as you right now, the question I asked myself was ‘what are the available software I could use to remove dates from photos and still maintain the quality?’.

I thought of cropping out the dates from the photo but this means reducing the dimension and eventually reducing the quality. I’m sure you don’t want this as well.

Photo Stamp Remover is your best shot when looking for how to remove date from photos. It’s not just for easy removal of the date stamp from photos but can also be used to remove other stamps on photos or videos.

Photo Stamp Remover is one of the best, reliable, simple and easy to use software that can be used to remove date from photo including other types of photo stamps. It takes a few simple steps to remove date stamps from a photo using this software. Before I break these steps to you, briefly look through some of the features of this software.

■ Batch Removal of Stamps

This software removes dates easily from multiple selected photos at just a click. Saves the time of removing the date from every photo at once.

■ Works with Color Scheme

Removes photo stamp by the color you selected. Colors are available to blend with any photo you upload and removes the date stamps without any traces.

■ Remove Date Stamp Automatically

This can easily be done by simply clicking on Remove after marking the date stamp.

■ Remove Date Stamp Manually

This software has special feature tools, like the Clone Stamp tool, the Concealer tool, and the Smudge Brush tool that can be helpful when you are looking for how to remove date stamps from photos manually and professionally.

 Add your Personalized Stamps for Output Photos

If you wish to add your stamp to the output photo, you can select and add it in a few simple clicks.

How to remove date stamp from photo with Photo Stamp Removal

Follow these simple and easy steps to remove date stamp from a photo using Photo Stamp Removal software.

Step 1

Click Add Photo at the top left corner or Welcome screen (Use 1 photo first to try the output if you want to edit in batch)

Step 2

Select Stamp by Color. Observe the date and time stamp in the picture below (Ensure you select the date and time stamp on the photo)

Step 3

Zoom out to select the right color of the date and time stamp that you wish to remove from the photo. Click Remove to remove date and time stamp

Below image shows the cleared date and time stamp using the Photo Stamp Remover software from the previous image

Step 4

Adjust Parameters (Adjust the values until you get the required output)

Step 5

Run Batch Mode to edit multiple photos, then click Save

Alternate ways to remove date from photo

Photo Stamp Remover software is my recommended tool for <a href=’’>removing date and time stamp on photos</a>, but not the only tool available for use. There are other methods like turning off date stamps in camera or phone settings, cropping the photos and the use of other tools like photoshop, paint, Gimp etc.

Take a brief look at how Photoshop method can be used in brief.

Using Photoshop to remove date and time stamp from photo

Photoshop has special tools that can be used to do this, every tool has its steps. It’s elaborate to discuss the tools in detail, so I’m going to share with you a just one tool in photoshop that you can use briefly.

The Use of Clone Stamp and Healing Brush Tools

These tools can be used in combination to remove a date and time stamp from photo with the following steps

Step 1: Load the Photoshop app on your computer and open the image.

Step 2: Select the Clone Stamp tool from the left toolbar. Make sure you adjust the brush size and hardness to your desired requirement.

Step 3: Place the cursor around the date and time stamp, hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and click on the date and time stamp to take a sample of it.

Step 4: Simply cover the date and time stamp with the sampled area from the previous step by clicking and dragging the cursor over the stamp until it’s cleared.

Step 5: The Healing Brush tool is introduced to get rid of any unwanted lines or marks in order not to leave any traces on the photo.

Step 6: Again, hold down the Alt key and click around the original date stamp on the photo to take samples. Paint over that particular area until you are okay with the result. Export the final result.

Removing date and time stamp has no single method as you’ve seen in this article, it depends on which method you find easy. Personally, Photo Stamp Remover is a very useful tool. So, why not try it out also? These days people want to do things the simple and easy way, Photo Stamp Remover stands fit for its reliability, simplicity and easy to use for any type of date stamp without any traces.