Top Common Injuries Reported After Vehicular Accidents 2021

By  //  October 8, 2021

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Car accidents can be fatal and can cause severe damages to your body. Almost every part of your body can suffer badly due to such an incident. And such damages can cost you, such as expensive hospital bills. You need to hire a top-rated, experienced Orlando car accident lawyer to help you file your claim in such scenarios.

According to the data by WHO, around 1.3 million people die due to road accidents. In addition, and primarily, people suffer from non-fatal injuries causing severe disabilities due to car accidents. Along with that, these accidents can cause substantial financial losses to many people, their families, and even nations. Some of the commonly reported injuries that occurred due to car accidents in 2021 include:

1. TBI

TBI or traumatic brain injuries are pretty common ones that occur due to vehicular accidents. Some of the symptoms are blurry vision, confusion, difficulty in concentration, and many more. Treatments include surgeries, medication, along prolonged periods of rest. 

2. Back Injuries

The human body cannot sustain the sudden impact of heavy blows due to car accidents. Therefore, due to such conditions, often the spinal cord is badly affected, causing severe back injuries. Although the symptoms might be late in many cases, yet they can ultimately result in partial disability. 

3. Paralysis

The next one on this list is related to the spinal cord and can cause permanent disability in the victims. Due to the impact of the sudden crash, the body suffers from severe shock and can get into partial or complete paralysis. It is the loss of muscle function in the body that occurs due to the nervous system malfunctioning.

4. Burns

If the vehicle catches fire during the crash, there are high chances of the victims suffering from severe burns. In addition, the skin can come in direct contact with hot fluids, steam, surfaces, or chemicals that can require skin grafting or surgeries.

5. Internal Injuries

One of the most dangerous injuries is the invisible ones. Generally, the internal injuries are not visible initially, which can worsen the situation instantly. Internal bleeding is a common condition due to any such accidents that require immediate medical assistance. 

6. Bone Fractures

Broken legs, ribs, wrists, ankles, and bones are pretty common due to car accidents. However, one can quickly recover from these situations, but not the broken pelvis. Depending on the level of severity, one can suffer from paralysis due to such conditions. 

7. Amputation

Another common injury that occurs due to vehicular accidents is the loss of limbs. It can be a finger, an arm, or the entire leg, depending on the severity of the damages. Surgical amputation is a typical process that helps prevent the spread of damages to the rest of the body. Therefore, such injuries can result in permanent disability in the victims.


Post-traumatic stress disorder might not be a physical injury. But it causes more damages to the victim than any of these physical injuries. Why? That is because it is slow, invisible, and causes severe damage to the victim’s emotional and mental condition. And sometimes, people might recover from the physical injuries but not from their PTSD. 

In Short

These are some of the common injuries that occur due to car accidents. However, in most of these conditions, the victim can get proper compensation to pay their medical bills and other expenses. 

However, you need a personal injury lawyer with good experience to help you in receiving your claims successfully. Remember to contact the experienced attorney around you who can guide you through unforeseen situations without worries.