10 Items Every Office Worker Needs on their Desk

By  //  November 27, 2021

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Someone once said that you do your best work when your workspace is neat, tidy, and super fun. So, if you often find yourself staring at your desk, wondering how to make it look less business-like and a little more you, you’re in the right place!

Here are 10 quirky desk items every office worker needs: 

1. Mini Branded Calendar

First, there’s no better way to prepare for a long week ahead than hanging up your mini branded calendar with pride. Having every day mapped out in front of you will make work feel like a walk in the park, and you’ll never miss a trick! And if your calendars are branded, you will always feel like a part of a team.

2. Canned Air or Mini Desk Vacuum

Yes, they do exist, and they take all the hassle out of maintaining a tidy workspace. Canned air is super cheap and great for cleaning the dust and debris from the tiny gaps in your keyboard. And mini desk vacuums work the same, but they’re usually a few dollars more than canned air. 

3. A Powerstrip Box

If your desk is starting to look like a spaghetti junction, get yourself a powerstrip box and tidy the cables up. You’ll save yourself the headache of trying to figure out which cable goes where! Better yet, you can find them on Amazon for around $12. 

4. Emergency Flash Drive 

You never know when you might need a flash drive, so be sure to back your files up every morning before you start your day. That way, if there’s a power outage and you didn’t get the chance to save your progress, your flash drive will be there to save the day! 

5. Succulents

Add a little color and spruce of life to your desk with succulents! According to green thumbs, succulents are the most ideal plant for offices as they need very little water. If you often forget to water your plants, they’re the perfect plant for you.

6. Bamboo Laptop Stand

Gone are the days of all things plastic; say hello to the bamboo laptop stand! The best thing about them is that they come in different shapes and sizes, and they last a lot longer than plastic models. 

7. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse 

Sick and tired of lugging your mouse along the desk when you need to shift the cursor? Or the cables are bugging you, and you’re at a total loss. It sounds like you need to invest in a wireless keyboard and mouse set! All you have to do is pop the USB chip into one of your USB ports and say goodbye to the mess that was once your desk.

8. A Rubix Cube

Behold the return of the Rubix cube! Matching the colors will either take you two minutes or two hours, but at least it kills time and helps you switch off for a while. 

9. Coffee Mug 

A HUGE cup of coffee helps keep you awake and motivated when the day has only just begun and again when the day is almost done. Be sure to have your coffee mug at the ready and re-fill as often as you need to get through the day! 

10. Wireless Charging Pad

Imagine you arrive late at the office and realize your battery is running low. You left your charger at home, and nobody has a spare. You could leave a wireless charging pad on your desk, so you can stress less and charge your phone while you’re hard at work.