5 Oldest NFL Players to Feature at a Super Bowl

By  //  November 5, 2021

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The oldest players to appear at the Super Bowl. 

We love American Football, and its culmination- the Super Bowl. It’s a tradition for many to watch the Super Bowl every year and revel in the action. People love to watch the game, bet on the game, check out Fanduel’s Super Bowl odds, and enjoy some fantasy football on the side. 

Yet, there is much to the sport beyond just this, there have been young players who have bested the odds, broken records in their first year on the roster, there have been incredible moments at the NFL Draft, crazy moments at Super Bowls, and players who have made incredible moves we will never forget. 

However, we do not always think about the older players, sometimes we do not even realize their age. American Football is not a gentle game, and the older the players get, the more likely injuries are to have a harsh impact, meaning that most players retire from the game before they enter their 40s. And yet, there is something to be said for the few players who have continued playing into their 40s, and there are more than you might think. 

Would you be able to play this sport into your middle age, with how rough and tumble it can get? We probably wouldn’t. There is always someone to beat expectations though, and here we will talk about the incredible top five players- the oldest players who have ever made it to the Super Bowl. Those guys who show us that age ain’t no thing, and you can still be the best of the best, a total winner, no matter what your age is. 

#1. Let’s not forget Brady! 

For some years, Brady has been on this list. However, back in the 2020-2021 Super Bowl Brady officially became the record keeper for the oldest player to ever play the Super Bowl, and depending on the result of the 2021-2022 Super Bowl lineup, he may stay as number one for some years to come. 

After he broke the record in the 2021 Super Bowl, it seems Brady wants to break his own record, depending on how things go for the Buc’s this year, it is totally possible that he could end up adding another year to his record. He does seem to plan on playing forever, yet he has made it clear that he planned on playing until he was 45, but he has left the door open to play for even longer. 

He is the oldest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl, he accomplished this some time ago. Now at 44 years old, we can’t wait to see if he leads the Buc’s to yet another victory and ends up breaking his own record again in the 2022 Super Bowl. 

He actually became the oldest player to ever appear in the Super Bowl at age 43, it was also his 10th Super Bowl appearance too, his 7th win, and his 5th Super Bowl MVP! 

#2. Matt Stover. 

Matt Stover used to hold the record until Brady came along. His last Super Bowl appearance was at age 42, in Super Bowl XLIV. He was the starting kicker for the Colts, and became the oldest player to play in a Super Bowl until he was usurped by Brady. He was 1-of-2 in field-goal attempts in Indianapolis’ 31-17 loss to the Saints. This was his last year in the game, and one hell of a way to go out. 

He played for the Giants in 1990, the Browns from ‘91 to ‘95, the Ravens from ‘96 until ‘08, and then the Colts in ‘09. He has two Super Bowl championships in Super Bowls XXV, and XXXV, a Pro Bowl in 2000, First Team All-Pro in 2000, Second-team All Pro in 2006, and Golden Toe award in 2000. He also received the Baltimore Ravens Ring of Honor. 

He was a fantastic player, and held the record for oldest player to reach the Super Bowl before Brady came along and stole his crown.

#3. Jeff Feagles. 

Jeff Feagles was the punter for the Giants in their upset win over the previously undefeated Patriots in Super Bowls XLII. He had four punts during this game. He had an extensive career, playing for the Patriots from ‘88 to ‘89, then the Eagles from ‘90 until ‘93, the Cardinals from ‘94 until ‘97, the Seahawks from ‘89 until ‘02, and finally the Giants from ‘03 until ‘09, where he gained his title as one of the oldest players to make the Super Bowl. 

He only had one Super Bowl Champion award which was this specific Super Bowl, however, he also had two Pro Bowls in ‘95 and ‘08. He was 41 in his Super Bowl

#4. Matt Bryant. 

Bryant is one of the oldest players, and was the third-oldest to ever participate in the Super Bowl when he played in Super Bowl LI. He was a kicker for Atlanta, and he also made his first-ever Pro Bowl in that season too. 

He had a very extensive career, playing for many teams, including the Giants, Colts, Dolphins, Buccaneers, Tuskers, and then the Atlanta Falcons from 2009 until 2019. 

He got a Pro Bowl in 2016, the same year he was finally known as being the third-oldest player to appear in the Superbowl. However, after Brady became known as the oldest player to appear in the Super Bowl, Bryant got knocked down to the 4th oldest at 41.

#5. Mike Horan

Finally, Mike Horan, at Age 40 became the fifth-oldest player to reach the Super Bowl in Super Bowl XXXIV. He punted for the Rams, as the Greatest Show on Turf beat the Titans 23-16 in the 1999 season. He had two punts during the game and was tackled during a botched field goal.

He also had quite the history, having played for the Falcons, Packers, Vikings and Bills for off season/ practice, and for full seasons with the Eagles, Broncos, Giants, Bears, and Rams. He had one Pro Bowl in 1988, one All-Pro also in 1988, and then was a Super Bowl Champion for Super Bowl XXXIV, the same year that he became one of the oldest players to make the Super Bowl! 

He has been retired the longest out of this list, now at age 62.