Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Slots for Real Money and for Free

By  //  November 8, 2021

A significant evolution in online gambling is the accessibility of free-play slots alongside real money ones. In the past, punters were limited to the pay-to-play machines in brick-and-mortar casinos, leaving no room for free rounds. Nowadays they are accessible via online slots real money in Canada.

These games are usually identical to the cash versions in most ways, including the visuals and payouts. However, some differences alter the experiences they have to offer. This piece dissects the advantages and disadvantages that come with exploring either option.

Free Slots

Free pokies are sets that come with fun credits fitted into them. Often displayed in the “Balance” field, these coins act as stakes instead of real money. Any winnings collected during gameplay are added to the balance to be reused as wagers. Once they run out, players can quickly replenish their coffers by reloading the page.

Upsides of Demo Slots

Free online slots have a lot of advantages that players can look forward to, and they include;

No cash commitment

Demo pokies save punters the trouble of making real money commitments since they come with built-in credits. Players can sift through a couple of games thanks to the fake coins before settling on an ideal one worthy of real money stakes. Free sets are also handy for gamblers looking to savour gambling entertainment without the pressure of using cash bets.

No account registration

In most cases, gamers do not have to create accounts in affiliate sites and casinos. The only requirement is running the respective page or app, searching for the desired setting, and running gameplay. The lack of account registration saves players the trouble of providing sensitive information like one’s email address, phone number, and banking information.

Simple gameplay procedure

Free slots mirror the gameplay procedure used in the real money versions, making them ideal tools to practice before placing real money wagers. The process is mostly similar between pokies, with the only significant changes being the buttons and the number of steps used to complete it. The gameplay starts with choosing an ideal stake by adjusting the coin value, the number of coins, and active bet lines. Finally, spin the reels manually or using autoplay.

Wide accessibility

Demo pokies are easier to come by than real money games. Since cash slots require account registration and cash deposits to run, they are limited to gambling dens licensed to offer such services. Free online slots do not risk losing actual cash so that they can be found in affiliate sites alongside professional and honest player reviews.

Mobile and PC affinity

Free slot games are created with both desktop and smartphone users in mind. All-new game releases are fitted with HTML5 technology that makes them compatible with almost any PC and mobile operating system. Most free sets run in instant-play mode on web browsers, and others come with a matching download version accessible on app stores like Google Play and Apple Store.

Bonus features

Demo pokies spice up gameplay with bonus features that boost the regular symbol payouts. Wilds are the most common incentives, and they replace other icons to complete paylines and win ways. These icons can appear as expanding wilds, roaming wilds, multiplying wilds, spreading wilds, and stacked wilds. Other free slot bonuses include free spins, multipliers, rolling reels, picking rounds, and random modifiers.

Downsides of Demo Slots

While free slot machines have a lot of upsides that suit different players’ needs, they have some disadvantages, including the following listed.

No withdrawable wins

Since free slots use fun credits instead of cash, the awarded payouts cannot be withdrawn. The won coins can function as bets only, but they are of the same value as those from real money sets.

No bonuses and promotions

Casinos reserve incentives for real money gamblers and cannot be claimed for demo games. Even no deposit offers that do not require cash deposits can only be claimed for real money pokies. While these rewards activate without cashing in, they often have playthrough terms that need actual money to clear.

No progressive pots

Progressive jackpots are the only bonus features locked out of free slots. Most players contribute to pooled prizes with a portion of their bets. Therefore, since free slots use fake coins, punters cannot qualify for the payouts when playing them. In some cases, progressive slots do not have demo versions available.

Real Money Slots

Real money slots are similar to the free variations in almost every way. The main difference is their use of cash stakes instead of free credits like in the demo versions. After opening an account, punters can either claim no deposit offers or deposit into their accounts to access these sets. If the funds deplete, players have to deposit once more.

Pros of Cash Slots

Real money pokies have some upsides that make them more desirable than their free counterparts. Some of these advantages are listed below.

Cashable payouts

While real money sets have the added risk of placing cash on the line, players get a chance to withdraw the triggered payouts. The credits displayed in the “Balance” section at the end of gameplay can translate into one’s respective currency. Punters can then request withdrawals that are processed and transferred within reasonable terms and conditions. 


Real money players can use deposits meant for slot gameplay to claim bonuses and promotions like matchups, cashbacks, and free spins. Most of these rewards are created for use in pokies. Ensure that you claim incentives with friendly terms and conditions to have a chance of profiting from them.

Progressive pots

Progressive jackpots offer the highest payouts of all casino games, some of them seeding as high as 2,000,000 and dropping at tens of millions. The high value of these bonuses limits them to cash slots only. The Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, and WowPot slot series offer some of the most massive wins.

Cons of Real Money Slots

Real money slots also have their downsides, starting with a risk to players’ personal information. Casinos require punters to create accounts to access cash pokies, which involves entering a valid email address, full name, and banking data. Also, real money sets come with the risk of losing actual cash. Slots are negative expectation games, meaning that they lose more than they win.

The choice between demo and cash pokies all boils down to personal preference. Both versions have upsides and downsides to exploring each one, and trying them out helps make an informed decision.