How Can Medical Malpractice Lead to Cerebral Palsy?

By  //  November 13, 2021

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Simply put, cerebral palsy is a set of physical disorders that impact an individual’s balance, movement, and posture. It gets detected in children, especially one’s with childhood motor disabilities. Many factors lead to this condition — a prominent one being medical malpractice. 

And in such cases, the parents can hold the healthcare professional, hospital, or doctor accountable for it. They can also get in touch with an ace attorney for medical malpractice for cerebral palsy

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How does medical malpractice result in cerebral palsy?

Several things can go wrong at the time of pregnancy, making the newborn have cerebral palsy. Some of them include:

■ Not allowing oxygen to the unborn baby – If the unborn baby gets deprived of oxygen, it can lead to cerebral palsy. Any issues with the umbilical cord can limit the oxygen supply to the brain of the child. Nurses and doctors are accountable for checking the oxygen levels and can become complacent about it as well. 

■ Issues with the C-sections – Any fetal distress can result in brain damage, leading to cerebral palsy. A C-section might be required to avert this issue. If the C-section gets delayed, one can blame it on the process. 

■ Overlooking the warning signs – The environmental conditions and genetics can lead to abnormal development in the brain, which can cause cerebral palsy. At times the medical professionals don’t use correct screening tools for checking these warning signs. 

■ Insufficient emergency processes – It is essential for hospitals to have comprehensive methods for managing emergencies that occur during birth. When one fails to do this, it can lead to cerebral palsy. 

■ Any complications that occur post-birth – Your child is vulnerable to oxygen deprivation, trauma, and infections after the birth. Nurses and doctors need to monitor that to avert all risks for the child developing cerebral palsy. 

That aside, a few other aspects of medical malpractice comprise of:

Unstaffed emergency rooms and hospitals.

Absence of correct medical experience and training.

Nurses, doctors, and various other professionals attend to the patient all at once. 

Jumbled up medical records. 

Delivering the child after less sleep. 

Not comprehending the symptoms and signs that denote a birth complication. 

Any miscommunication amongst hospital staff, nurses, and doctors. 

Getting drunk when delivering a child. 

You can prove the medical malpractice

Identifying evidence of malpractice is crucial, as it depends on the concerned mother to make a case. If you want to prove medical malpractice, you need to confirm that your doctor made a mistake. It is essential to establish the error as unreasonable. And only then the plaintiff will be able to highlight the outcome of negligence and malpractice. 

If a child got injured after or during the childbirth process and developed cerebral palsy later, you can file your legal claim against the hospital, doctor, and the facility.

When you do this, it could lead to monetary compensation that you require to cover the medical costs of the child as well as other damages that are an after-effect of the negligence. For this, you need to connect with an expert cerebral palsy lawyer who can help you with your case.