SizeGenetics Review: For Is This Extender Safe? Read Real Shocking Report

By  //  November 21, 2021

For every guy, masculinity is a prominent aspect of their existence. The size of the male penis is closely related to their pride and identity aspect. Medical research suggests there is no standard size for the penis. However, most females prefer a guy with a longer penis because they feel it is the appropriate size for ideal satisfaction.

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If a person is looking for a trustworthy solution to help with penile elongation, SizeGenetics is the best option. SizeGenetics is one of the most effective products available for penis enlargement.

The product, which first came to the market in 1995, has earned the greatest market popularity and continues to garner the faith of more and more customers.

The product has been in business for over two decades, servicing thousands of customers and establishing a potential name in the industry. The most important thing about this commodity- it came to the market after clearing several clinical trials. The product comes highly recommended by notable doctors.

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What is it?

Penis pumps are readily accessible on the market in large quantities. Penis extenders, on the other hand, have been proven to be advantageous when compared to pumps. It is because penis extenders always provide some long-term advantages that are the primary explanation for this.

Moreover, one can use these extenders for a long duration. Their mechanism is similar to the muscle growth process. For instance, for building a bicep, one needs to exercise longer and also needs to make use of weights for exercising. The product works similarly. With traction, one’s penis can be elongated, and one can witness results sooner.

It is a powerful product, and a person will get desirable effects if they use it for a minimum of eight months. By the end of the first month, a person should have gained at least 0.6-0.7 inches in length.

However, it is only advisable to use it for a few months at a time. Some customers have reported gains of more than 2 inches after using the gadget for many years. However, consumers should wear it for at least 6 hours every day to have the best outcomes. 


From the very first day of utilizing this extender, a person will reap several advantages. All that is required is to adhere to the proper use and technique.

The following are the several advantages of the extender:

■ Top manufacturer: This extender company has been in the business for more than two decades now. The company has a trusting clientele and a good reputation.

■ High-quality materials and design: This extender consists of high-quality materials and has a secure and comfortable design.

■ The gadget produces the best results: Regular use of the product for six months may increase the genital size by 1 inch to 2 inches. If an individual wears it for an extended period, they might see results of up to 3 inches.

■ Excellent Traction: This gadget takes advantage of excellent traction to provide the highest possible quality outcomes. Less traction is not advantageous, and excessive traction might result in chronic health hazards. As a result, constantly maintain modest traction.

■ Easy to use: Using a genital extender is a painful action. Men refrain from putting their genitals in any device other than a vaginal stimulator. This gadget is comfortable to use. When using this extender, a person will find it quite comforting, unlike other extenders that lead to complications.

■ Quality Construction and FDA Approval: Its design involves high-quality hypoallergenic materials. It implies that it is safe for anyone with any skin type to use. It will not irritate or trigger allergies in any way. The equipment has been authorized by the FDA, demonstrating efforts and high-quality materials used for its development.

■ Increased Confidence: When an individual has a huge penis, they might have a great deal of confidence in themself. In addition, an individual will provide the spouse with a great deal of pleasure with the additional length of 1inch to 3 inches.

The product is available for purchase in Canada, the United States, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Denmark, Singapore, the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, and other countries globally. 

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It is a type 1 medical device that has been certified by the FDA and has the European CE Health certification. In addition, physicians have praised this high-capacity traction device. Hence, one can be sure that it is 100 percent safer for use.

How does it work?

This gadget’s design depends on centuries-old traction methods that have helped grow body parts for years to achieve the desired results. It works by exerting a steady traction force along the penis shaft, lengthening, thickening, and hardening it while it does so. It follows the same process as blowing a balloon to stretch it.

For a few hours each day, a person must wear this device. The duration of wear might vary between six and eight hours. An individual may take a rest in between, but do not fret about anything else. A person can take at minimum one day off every week. While using this, ensure the penis is as comfortable as it can be. After a few days, a person can grasp the concept of its usage.

The effects of it are dependent on the product’s usage. A person may wear it while napping or while they are at home, depending on the preference.

The penis has to be in a semi-erect position while using since this is critical for the best results. After wearing the device, one has to sleep on their stomach. The product comes with a 10-inch elongation device.

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Here’s how it works?

Step one: Initial Penis Stretching

Step two: Micro Tears 

Step three: The Cellular Division and Healing  

Purchase and Price 

It may be obtained from the original manufacturer if an individual orders the product from the official website. When purchasing things from resellers, a person spends a lot of money. One can get authentic products when purchasing directly. 

A variety of sites offer a large number of low-quality and counterfeit items. As a result, it is advised not to purchase this from any other platform. An individual may get perplexed and wind up with a low-quality product as a result. 

On these goods, an individual may take advantage of a variety of various discounts. It costs $299.95 to purchase the Curvature/Kit Peyronie’s as well as the Ultimate System. The bargain Edition costs $199.95, while the Comfort Package costs $249.95.

Money-back guarantee and refund policy

After using it for a few months, if a person still does not see any effects, they have the right to ask for the money back. It is necessary to submit identical before and after pictures of the penis while seeking this service.

The finest effects are obtainable if an individual follows the instructions for usage for six months.

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1. Are the outcomes long-lasting?

It works by increasing the number of tissue cells in the penis by applying a continual traction force to the penis. It is known as cytokinesis. Since this traction force permanently increases cells inside the penis, whatever enlargement a person will see will be durable as well.

2. How long does it take to witness the effects?

Many of the thousands of pleased customers have reported seeing results in a few weeks, even though outcomes may vary depending on the person and how long the individual wears this device. 

3. Is it possible to expand both the flaccid and erect lengths at the same time?

With this extender, a person will notice a rise in the length of both the flaccid and erect penis, which is good news.

4. Will the results remain consistent if a person continues to use this?

Yes! For the time the person continues to wear this device, a person will continue to experience positive changes in the body.

5. Will the penis revert to its natural size if a person discontinues the use of the product?

No! Since this device permanently increases the number of cells in the penis, the results obtained through the usage of this device are likewise permanent.

Why Choose SizeGenetics? Consumer Report Released Here


It has already assisted tens of thousands of individuals in achieving excellent achievements.

It is known as the most reliable instrument for achieving better and longer-lasting outcomes.

It is considered the ideal equipment to purchase if a person wants to gain more length and girth.

It is known to be one of the most technologically sophisticated products accessible for males at this time.


Competition may provide faster results.

It has the potential to produce light irritation.


SizeGenetics is the most effective penis extender present on the market today, and it is the most popular. By utilizing this product, a person may have a longer penis without undergoing any costly surgery.

When a person utilizes this for a period of six months or even a year, they will get effective effects. Moreover, the product comes with a money back guarantee and since the manufacturers are sure of the results.