The Best Natural Remedies For UTI In Dogs

By  //  November 27, 2021

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As a dog parent, it is your responsibility to ensure the health of your dog. To do this, you have to be aware of what he eats and drinks. When it comes to UTI, you need to be watchful about your dog’s water intake. If he drinks more water, it can lead to UTI. 

The symptoms of UTI in dogs are frequent urination and straining during defecation. Other symptoms include blood in urine and strong-smelling urine. We all know that UTI is common among humans and cats, but did you know that UTI in dogs is also common? 

Yes! If you didn’t, don’t get confused. Dogs can also get UTI, and it is vital to take good care of them so that the chances of getting the disease are less.

Below find the best natural UTI Treatment for Dogs:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

How does it work?

Apple cider vinegar has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in the elimination of bacteria causing UTI. It is also acidic, so it brings your dog’s pH levels back to normal. The acidity helps in killing many microorganisms.

It also contains potassium which is vital for your dog’s overall health and helps get rid of toxins from the body. Potassium deficiency is one of the main reasons for UTI in dogs.

How often should the dog take it?

You can give apple cider vinegar to your dog at least once a day. Make sure you give it before mealtime so that he does not hate the taste. You can also mix it in his water bowl.

2. Cranberry Juice

How does it work?

Cranberry juice contains low levels of citric acid, which ensures that your dog’s pH levels are normal. The best thing about cranberry juice is that, unlike apple cider vinegar, it does not have a strong taste. It is why your dog will not find it difficult to drink it.

How often should the dog take it?

If you mix cranberry juice in water, ensure that the proportion of juice and water is 50:50. One cup of this mixture every day will be sufficient for your dog’s good health.

3. Water

The most important natural remedy is to give your dog enough water. Remember that when your dog drinks more water, the chances of getting a UTI increases. Therefore, make sure you monitor his water intake and keep his bowl clean at all times.

You need to add de-chlorinating drops in the bowl if it contains tap water. These drops will make your dog drink less and also prevent the dog’s bladder from getting infected.

4. Aloe Vera Juice

How does it work?

Aloe vera is a natural home remedy for UTI in dogs as it has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties that help eliminate the infection. However, you need to ensure that your dog is not allergic to aloe vera.

How often should the dog take it?

Aloe vera juice can be given once a day with food or water. You can also add it to your dog’s food or water bowl and let him drink it throughout the day. Make sure you get 100% pure and organic aloe vera juice.


UTI can be treated with natural remedies, but it is essential to consult your vet before using them on your dog. You should also take immediate action if they are showing any of the above symptoms. With regular monitoring and proper care, you can prevent UTI in dogs.