Can Blockchain Programming Land Me a Job?

By  //  January 16, 2022

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Blockchains are trending in different industries as they allow secure and confidential storage of data over decentralized networks. This decentralized network is harder to hack or tamper with, as every new block that is added to the blockchain network contains information regarding previous blocks.

Thus, to modify one block, a hacker would need to modify all blocks before that. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum Owing to this advantage, many people are gravitating towards setting up a career in the Blockchain industry in this crypto trading guide. A job profile that has garnered the attention of professionals around the world is that of a Blockchain Developer or programmer.

However, there is a lot of confusion regarding how you can land a job if one is into Blockchain Programming. Let us look deeper into this topic and understand if Blockchain Programming can land you a job.

Popular Blockchain-based technologies

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most popular blockchain-based technologies, responsible for major disruptions in conventional investment patterns. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana are some of the most profitable ones in the market, to name a few. A smart contract is a resourceful technology based on Blockchains, and it has found utility in industries such as Finance and Medicine.

As blockchain technology and blockchain software development become more prominent, the industry is going to need more developers and Blockchain programmers to build blockchain-based platforms. Therefore, if you want to build a career in a new and lucrative industry, you can go for Blockchain development.

Why one should look for Blockchain programming and development jobs

There are several reasons why Blockchain enthusiasts should go for a career in this industry. Let us start with the most lucrative one – it pays well! As a blockchain developer, you will earn well if you land a job in a reputed organization.

Even if you are a fresher in this field with no prior experience in the industry, you can easily make $60,000 to $70,000 in a year. Pair your expertise in programming languages with some industrial experience and exposure, and you will be able to make around $150,000 per year!

There is another aspect to this job, which makes it a very lucrative one, which is the fact that it is intellectually stimulating, and it requires creativity. One is only limited by their imagination and skills in this industry. You can implement Blockchain technology in nearly every industry in existence.

Thus, the possibilities related to Blockchains are very limited. It is safe to say that blockchain technology is very futuristic and it will emerge as one of the biggest industries in existence in near future. If you are a blockchain enthusiast and you are passionate about your work, you will find yourself in situations where your work will make a substantial difference in the industry.

Skills that can help you get a job as a Blockchain developer

One must keep in mind that only technical skills are not enough for them to achieve great heights as a Blockchain developer. An in-depth understanding of enterprise business can and will help Blockchain developers maximize their output and meet the expectations of companies.

Companies only invest in newer technologies if they have the scope of enhancing revenues, and it is up to a blockchain developer, to develop a mechanism capable of doing so. That being said, a good understanding of distributed ledger technologies would not hurt, but rather benefit an individual interested in this job profile.

One must also command several programming languages to advance in this field. Some of the languages that can prove to be instrumental include Solidity, Python, and Java. Have several skills, not bound to one discipline, and be skilled enough to solve enterprise problems related to blockchain in a fast and efficient manner, and you will land yourself a good job.

Owing to the booming blockchain industry in the Bitcoin Era, the demand for blockchain programmers is on the rise. If you are a blockchain enthusiast and you are looking for a job to understand how smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs work, pursuing a career in Blockchain development might prove to be a good choice.

The job of a Blockchain developer is well-paying and allows individuals to explore limitless possibilities. Thus, it is safe to say that Blockchain Programming can get you a well-paying, and engaging job!