Spring Outdoor Date Ideas

By  //  January 27, 2022

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If you’re tired of spending time at home all winter long, we’ve got some great ideas for your first outdoor dates this spring. Even if the weather cannot please with very warm days yet, this is not a reason to refuse dates in the fresh air.

So, our top 11 ideas for spring outdoor dates:

Visit local market

If you are a couple of gourmets, then such a date will be just the perfect option for you! Visit the local market and choose fresh vegetables and fruits there, so that later you can cook something delicious from them at home together. Be sure to try to buy something unusual or exotic to taste with a partner. A trip to the market and a lunch cooked by you – even two dates in one!

Mini Trip

Going somewhere for 1-2 days is always a great option for a reboot, getting new emotions and romantic impressions. Choose a beautiful hotel near the city and go there on a date with your loved one. To make your trip even more memorable, apply to a luxury rental company RealCar – https://realcar.nyc/. There, you will find a great lot of various premium cars for your journey. For example, Porsche Cayenne – https://realcar.nyc/rent-a-porsche-cayenne.

Walking Around The City

When was the last time you enjoyed a long walk around the city together? The modern rhythm of life is very fast and we are always running somewhere and do not have time to slow down and relax. Choose a day, leave everything behind, dress warmly and go for a walk around your city all day. You will be able to see new beautiful places, houses, streets and take some pictures in your family album.

Go Hiking

Why is hiking always top of the list of weekend activities? It is possible all year round and it can always bring a lot of impressions. Moreover, hiking will allow you to be active even in the cold season, and outdoor activity is even a double health benefit.

Plant Something

Why don’t you and your partner get an evergreen pet? Go to the nursery, choose a plant that you like best and plant it either on the lawn or in a pot on your balcony. Further care of your plant will bring you even closer and a trip to the nursery will be a great outdoor date.


Although a picnic is considered a summer pastime, you can organize one in the cool spring as well. The most important thing is to take warm clothes and warm drinks. Then you will not freeze and will be able to have fun with your loved one.

Day Outside

Spend all day outside! We suggest you get out of the house early in the morning and be tourists in your hometown. Walk, eat street food, go on a tour, etc. You will remember this day for a long time!

Take A Food Tour

Gastronomic date – what could be better? Now you can find a huge number of food tours on the Internet. But no less interesting option is to come up with your own original idea. Choose a street or district of the city, and go through all the cafes and restaurants that are there over the weekend. You can also choose the cuisine of any country and visit restaurants that offer the corresponding menu.

Bike Ride

This is another option for an active date. Even if you don’t have a bike, you can rent one and ride the whole weekend. Such a date is suitable for everyone – even for beginners or for those who do not know how to ride a bike, because learning something new together is always a lot of fun.

Long Car Trip

Such a date can also be very interesting! Go on a long trip, stop along the way to see beautiful places, take photos and have lunch. You just need to decide on the route, take everything you need on the road and you can go!

Photo Shoot

Add some romance to your weekdays and arrange a photo shoot with a photographer. For sure, every photographer has top places for couples, and you may not even know about many of them.