Why Physical Activity is Needed for Health

By  //  January 31, 2022

Raise your hand if you are reading this article from bed while munching on a bowl of snacks. Hey buddy, before diving in – get off your damn bed and move your body a bit, because that’s what it needs.

Human beings are increasingly becoming lazy day by day. This has led to a rise in the population that is dealing with weight issues and other health problems related to it.

Being physically active is extremely important for your body and mind to function properly. The body still has the ability to cope while you are still young but it starts wearing down with age.

So, if you don’t take action today, there won’t be much time when the only important task for the week will be getting a doctor’s appointment.

Now, I don’t mean to scare you. The only thing you should try to understand after this post is why you should quit laziness and start being more active. So, here’s presenting you some amazing benefits that regular physical activity brings to your life.

1. To maintain body weight

Maintaining the right weight for your age is extremely necessary. Obesity becomes an easy target for diseases… and anorexia can cause weakness and internal injuries very easily. You can achieve balance with regular physical activity.

By indulging in regular physical exercise that has a combination of cardio and strength training exercises, one can achieve their proper body weight and also maintain it.  

But if you are not someone who can adhere to a gym, look for gym equipment online and start with your workout routine today.

2. To control heart-related problems

Excess weight increases blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and also multiplies chances of heart stroke. When we start participating in physical activities like swimming, running, or riding a bike, the heart starts pumping faster and the blood pressure starts becoming normal.

This means it does not have to work hard to supply blood all over the body. As a result, your heart becomes healthy and alleviates several health problems.

3. To get a good-night sleep

According to a survey done on people who exercised regularly, roughly 76-83% of the respondents reported that they had a better quality of sleep.

This is because your productivity level increases after exercising and after a whole day of hard work, the body needs rest.

Physical activity also helps you to fall asleep faster and also deeper. So, if you are struggling to maintain your sleep schedule, put the phone away and start working out from tomorrow.

Tip: Avoid exercising in the late hours as you may be too pumped to sleep.

4. Puts you in a good mood

If you want to do something that puts you in a good mood or even better, makes you happier, then instead of binging Netflix, go take a walk instead.

Believe me, if you spend the same time walking as you would on a single episode of friends, that is just 23 minutes… you will be in a great mood all through the day.

Regular physical activity also makes one feel confident about themselves. Thus, naturally, you would start appreciating yourself more. This raised self-esteem will also help you get over any kinds of anxiety, social or personal, that one faces from time to time.

5. Strengthens bones and muscles

Muscle training exercises like deadlift or lifting while squatting maintain muscle mass strength. It is important because as we start aging, muscles start to lose their mass which contributes to regular body pain.

Physical activity also strengthens the bones which help to avoid small injuries during trips and falls.

6. Helps in the improvement of sex life

Regular physical activity adds an edge to your sex life and also keeps your partner satisfied. Research has proved that self-esteem and higher energy levels make the sex last longer, hence, becoming more pleasurable.

It also enhances sexual arousal in women and alleviates erectile dysfunction in men. So, if your sex life needs some spice, the gym should be your next stop.

Over to you…

Physical activity is not all about exercise. Sometimes doing random steps to your favorite songs, doing yoga, and going for a walk in nature also helps in keeping you active.

However, you must keep in mind that results can be achieved only when you’re consistent. So, be focused and keep sweating. Looks good on you!