National Legal Staffing Support LLC Explains How Human Resources Plays a Role in Law Office Management

By  //  February 10, 2022

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Among the benefits of human resources are recruiting, employee relations, compensation, benefits, and workforce planning. In this article, our experts at National Legal Staffing Support LLC examine the role of human resource management in today’s competitive legal environment.

Human resource management software can help law firms save time, track employees’ attendance and performance, improve morale, and boost productivity. 

Benefits of Human Resource Technology for Firms

If your firm chooses to handle your human resources management internally, you may find that it can be extremely time-consuming and costly. 

Firms often lack the knowledge and staff necessary to effectively manage a human resources department, so you may choose to outsource your staffing needs to a third-party agency. 

Outsourcing HR functions presents numerous benefits to law offices, allowing your business to focus more thoroughly on what you do best: practicing law.

Optimize Your Recruiting Process

Recruiting is an important part of the day-to-day business at your firm. In your law office, recruiting and hiring qualified administrative staff for your management team and potential associates for your associate program are critical. 

Your firm should have a human resources system that encompasses all of the following tools: applicant tracking systems, firm management software, job descriptions, and employee manuals.

Onboard with Ease

Your law office may be one of many across the country struggling to find the time and resources to create new hire checklists and onboarding procedures. You could benefit by establishing and implementing an efficient onboarding system for your employees. 

Manage Payroll

Payroll processing includes tasks like the following: 

 Tracking non-exempt employees’ hours and calculating their gross wages

Tracking overtime hours and pay rates

Tax reporting

Processing timesheets and expense reports

Preparing paychecks and W-2 forms for employees

Administering payroll deductions for taxes and retirement plans

Filing quarterly and annual payroll tax returns

Human resources software can automate your payroll processing by providing real-time data through an automated timekeeping system. This data can be used to generate accurate tax forms already filled out with employee information, so they are ready for you to send on schedule. 

This kind of efficiency frees up time in your day so that you can focus on other important aspects of running your business.

Streamlining HR Processes with Software

Human resource management software streamlines the human resources process in your law office and eliminates the need to burden your staff with manual paper-based tasks. 

This software helps keep employees better informed and more productive with automated communications and case management tools that put all employee information in one central location.

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