Why Using a Shipping Calculator for Your Business Is Beneficial

By  //  February 3, 2022

If you run a business, you’ll have to send packages frequently to other businesses and customers. Unless you estimate all the shipping rates, you may end up spending a ton of money on enormous shipping costs. Using a shipping calculator for such occasions can help you avoid spending more money than needed on shipping and give you insurance that your products will arrive at their designated destinations securely.

Calculator shipping is a convenient tool you can use online to estimate each cost for shipping your packages before you send them. Numerous e-commerce websites use them.

Calculate and compare shipping rates here with the help of a shipping calculator to send your packages efficiently and cost-effectively. In the remainder of the text, we’ll present you with the top benefits of using a shipping calculator, and when you decide to use it, you can get help from Coolparcel with any questions you may have regarding that matter. 

Benefits of using an online shipping calculator 

Read through the following list to see how beneficial a shipping calculator can be for your business:  

1. Error prevention 

The figure you get for your shipping costs, estimated by the shipping calculator, comes with precise shipping rates, considering all the factors that could affect them. There’s no place for errors, nor are there hidden fees, so your customers will know exactly how much they will be spending on shipping. If you’re shipping products overseas, the calculator will include all those costs too.  

2. More money in your pockets

As a successful business, you’ll always want to avoid unnecessary costs. A shipping calculator can help you in that field by calculating each package’s shipping costs. That way, you won’t be spending more money on unexpected postage. 

3. Well-planned deliveries 

You can taint customer loyalty if you provide your customers with misinformation on when they’ll get their packages. With a shipping calculator, you can plan your deliveries to a T, providing your customers with accurate information on when their package will reach the destination they require. The shipping calculator will provide you, the sender, with information on which courier is best for delivering the package in the fastest possible way if you’re shipping overseas.

4. Guidelines on best mailing options 

There are two primary mailing options – FedEx and USPS. As a business owner, you have to choose the best option for each particular package based on its size and weight. A shipping calculator can help you with that, too, and you won’t get overcharged for large dimensions or overweight packages, for that matter.