Sai Karra on BuiltGen: A Marketing Agency that Targets Gen Z

By  //  March 23, 2022

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(Sai Karra image)

Sai Karra is a youthful entrepreneur who has scaled multiple social media accounts across various platforms. He currently has over 10 million followers across all of his accounts. Karra was able to develop a TikTok following of over a million people in just three months. He diligently posted at least once a day and intelligently used trends to his advantage.

Karra realized that he could use his own success and social media skill for the benefit of others which is when he decided to start his marketing agency, BuiltGen, with his brother Srikar Karra. 


BuiltGen is a digital marketing agency that specializes in social media marketing and management. They help businesses and individuals scale their online followings and their social media presence. BuiltGen specializes in TikTok and they use this platform to grow sales and generate new revenue for their clients. Karra and his brother were able to generate income for themselves off of their personal TikTok pages. 

Karra had the idea to start the agency when he sat down with his friends to explain how they could grow their own TikTok following. His friends soon saw success using the techniques which Karra had taught them. He realized that he would be able to perform the same services for others and started reaching out to companies to propose his business. His brother joined him in this venture as co-founder. They have been successful, and managed to scale the business to generate an annual six figure profit. 

Karra is dedicated to helping others through his work. This drive for helping others is part of the inspiration behind his business. He gains tremendous satisfaction from the success of those he helps. He is also a believer in knowledge philanthropy and he sees this as a way to help people from all walks of life, particularly people in marginalized communities. 


TikTok as a platform is very popular among Gen Z and it is one of the most used social media sites for this demographic. TikTok has over one billion monthly active users making it the fourth most used social network in the world. 60% of these users are part of Gen Z. This is a substantial chunk of its usership and the target audience for BuiltGen.

Karra leverages his knowledge of TikTok and that of Gen Z to maximize his effectiveness as a social media marketer. He has honed this skillset over time and can confidently impart it on others through BuiltGen.   

Gen Z

Karra wishes to dispel the notion that Gen Z is lazy. He feels that a stigma exists towards the Gen Z population that they are lazy and afraid of hard work. Through his own hard work and his ability to elicit the hard work of others he demonstrates the falsity of this claim. The claim also reveals the disparity in opinion of Gen Z among other generations.

Karra’s like-mindedness with Gen Z provides him insight into what appeals to them. This gives BuiltGen a tremendous advantage when it comes to marketing to this demographic. 

He understands that many people in Gen Z need help finding their passions. Karra wishes to enable others to find their passions in the same way he did. Aged 11, Karra discovered his passion for content creation when editing mixtapes of basketball players for Youtube. His first video gained over 50,000 views overnight and sparked Karra’s drive for online content creation.

He knows the value that his passion has brought not just to himself but others as well and wishes to help people in Gen Z derive the same satisfaction which he does. 

Karra is also tapping into the want of Gen Zs to not be confined to a 9 to 5 job. He sees a great deal of this sentiment expressed in the online space. Karra sees this as an opportunity to help people find their passions. He Has been able to turn his passion into a career, in part due to the formation of BuiltGen, and wishes to assist others to be able to do the same. 

Final Thoughts 

Sai Karra has developed a strong set of social media skills alongside an inside knowledge of Gen Z. This duo is the beating heart of BuiltGen and what makes the company so effective and successful. Karra has been able to replicate his success time and again which is reflective of his intuitive understanding of the space. He can market to Gen Z so effectively because of his natural affinity for the platform and his insight into the generation.