Tips to Keep in Mind During Exercise

By  //  March 29, 2022

Exercise is vital to keep fit and healthy. Doctors highly recommend exercising frequently. Nevertheless, many people find it challenging to exercise because of their ignorance on ways to spice up their exercise or workout sessions. Everyone can make exercise enjoyable by thinking outside the box. People need to understand their body systems.

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This article will provide tips that you should keep in mind while exercising.

12 Tips to keep in mind during exercise

Here are some tips to keep in mind to get the best results from exercise:

1. Record your progress

Whether you are exercising for muscle gain, endurance, or weight loss, keeping track of your progress is very important and helps keep you motivated. When you are not in the mood to exercise, your track record will likely motivate and push you through those hazy days. You can record your progress on a notebook or a smartphone. You can also take photos or record statistics—anything that provides evidence of your progress. 

2. Choose form over speed

You may be struggling to keep up with your fitness and exercise class. Nevertheless, keeping appropriate form during weight lifting or strength exercise is crucial to prevent injury. Instead of focusing on the number of repetitions, ensure you have the proper form. YouTube videos can be a good source to learn the proper form and posture for your preferred exercise.

3. Do not hasten warm-up and cool-down sessions.

There might be days where you’d be tempted to reach your desired speed while running, sneak into your fitness class after warm-up or leave without going through the cool-down session. Don’t do any of these!

It is important to warm up and cool down well enough. This strengthens your muscles for the workout ahead to hasten recovery and prevent injury.

4. Sneak in workout sessions during the day

Do you have time for a gym workout? Studies have shown that even the most minor bits of exercise can significantly benefit your health. You can park your car far away from your shop or office and walk down. You can climb the stairs to get your heart rate up.

5. Introduce high-intensity interval training to your running routines

Perhaps, you’ve been running for a while without getting the desired results. Spice up your running session by introducing HIIT sessions. While on the road, you can walk for a minute or sprint for up to 30 seconds. You will notice that your running sessions become interesting.

6. Have a blend of everything

Don’t limit yourself to one form of exercise. Otherwise, your body and soul will eventually get tired of that particular workout and start to rebel. Mix your exercise routine occasionally to keep your body moving and make sure you target all your muscles.

7. Pay attention to your body.

The benefits of exercising are numerous, but you also need to pay close attention to your body when you feel ill. While going through a workout after a hectic day seems like an excellent idea, it causes more harm than good to your body. Never subject or force exercise on your body.

8. Go for physiotherapy

Most people think that only top-notch sports people or athletes need a physiotherapy session on speed dial. Whether you are struggling with an old injury or dealing with an irritating situation, a physiotherapist can painlessly assist you in fulfilling your full fitness potential.

9. Be patient and realistic.

Some people have unrealistic goals for their exercise routine and might feel disappointed if not met. Do not expect tremendous visible results after a week or two of a new workout or exercise you just started. Be patient and consistent. If you’re not seeing results after a couple of months, you can evaluate if you are doing it right or check your diet.

10. Avoid bad diets.

Never think that exercise will reduce the effects of a bad diet on your health. Essential nutrients are vital for your body to deliver optimal performance. This is not always a case of energy balance (calories in and calories out). You might need to change your diet to maximize the full benefit of exercise.

11. Combine exercise with fun

You don’t have to go for that brunch or exercise alone. Get your friends to peg along. You can also do a Park Run, go on a hike, or even attend a yoga class. Adding fun-filled events to your exercise goes a long way in helping your mental health. 

12. Find Balance

It is never a good idea to overtrain your muscles or body. Stressing your body might bite you back in the long run. Resting is essential for muscle recovery. It also helps to keep you on track. 


Exercise is a fun, stress-free, and healthy activity. The health benefits of exercise are numerous to mention. When performing exercise or workout, you need to follow the proper steps to get the best results. It would be best if you also consumed a balanced diet. Don’t forget that it takes time to see results after exercise routines. You must be consistent and patient to get results!