What are the Health Benefits of Eating Pizza?

By  //  March 13, 2022

Pizza is a beloved dish of Italian roots made using dough, cheese, and other toppings. It is one of the easiest meals to order and occurs in different flavors. Pizza was introduced in the market in the late 1800s, and it remains loved by many to date. 

Research has shown that Americans spend an average of $46 billion on this dish annually. Pizza delivery guys have made things easier since they deliver this meal to your doorstep. 

Below we discuss why eating pizza is good for your health. 

1. Saves you Financially 

Pizza is among the cheapest lifestyle choices you can incorporate into your life. Ordering pizza is easy and cheap, making this dish ideal for your pocket. 

Pizzas are available from as low as $5, meaning you have no reason to stay hungry.

2. They are Convenient 

Pizzas are available in different forms today, making you spoilt for choice. They are also readily available at restaurants, making them easily available. 

This dishes’ convenience means it will take you a few minutes to get it. 

3. It Has Healthy Toppings 

Unlike what people think, pizza toppings are good for your health. These toppings are rich in sodium at times, giving you other options besides those with fats and oils. 

It is possible to pick a flavor with healthy toppings, but you must first research this dish. 

4. It Is Customizable 

Pizza is among the most versatile meals globally, no wonder many communities have already embraced it. Some flavors let you use your preferred toppings to match your taste buds, and this feature makes increases its demand. 

Pizza is also available in many flavors, giving its lovers a chance to pick their best.

5. It Is Rich in Proteins 

The body oversees its daily functions using proteins. A study has shown that a slice of pizza entails 13 grams of protein, mainly coming from cheese. Remember, adults should take at least seven grams of protein per twenty pounds of their weight. 

Protein is essential in keeping the body satiated and full always. It is the building block for most bodily needs. 

6. It Helps the Body Absorb Lycopene 

Lycopene is an antioxidant found in fruits like tomatoes and raspberries. Tomatoes make up the base of most pizza sauces, and this antioxidant brings cholesterol levels down. 

It is mainly absorbed from cooked tomatoes and not fresh and is essential for the body’s wellbeing. 

7. It is Well-Balanced

Pizza is a round-the-clock meal that can be taken anytime. It is a balanced meal since it entails proteins, fat, and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are found in the crust and fat in the cheese. 

A balanced meal will keep the blood sugar at the correct level and protect you from diseases. Pizza will also keep you on the correct meal schedule for affordable rates.

Final Thoughts 

Pizza is a common dish with Italian roots enjoyed all over the world. It is well balanced and consists of healthy toppings to keep you healthy.