How to Clean Vomit From Mattress

By  //  April 9, 2022

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Many conditions can lead to it, such as viruses and even food poisoning when vomiting. It becomes worse when you do not make it to the bathroom on time and mistakenly vomit on your mattress. 

What is the next thing to do, you may ask? Are you wondering how to clean vomit from the mattress and get rid of the foul smell? Those who buy the best mattress for hypermobility tend to throw up a lot, so this article will be very useful.

You are reading the ideal article to help you go through this situation. However, you need to act fast. 

Tips For Cleaning Vomit From Mattress

Without much ado, the ways to clean vomit from the mattress are: 

1. Wipe off the vomit from your mattress 

The first thing to do is to practically get the vomit out of your mattress in such a situation. Do this quickly so that it will not soak too deep into the layers of your mattress, where it then becomes hard to get rid of. 

Here is how to do it at home:

• Wear rubber gloves

Aside from being highly acidic, the vomit can contain bacteria and germs, so it is best to minimize contact using rubber gloves. 

• Scrape out the solid particles

Use either a dustpan or paper plate to scrape all the vomit and flush it down the toilet. Once done, wash the dustpan under tap water or throw the paper plate in the trashbin.

• Remove your bedding

Now remove all your pillows, sheets and put them in a washer. I recommend setting an additional rinse cycle to ensure the filth is washed correctly away. If there is vomit on the pillow, do not worry. For memory foam or latex pillows, use lukewarm water and cleaning detergent.

The shredded fill or buckwheat pillows with zippers can be easily fixed simply by removing and discarding those spoiled fillings. Airdry the remaining filling to remove their smell. Ensure you dry the mattress completely before putting them on the bed again. 

Note that using essential oils or scented solutions like adding citrus or peppermint to the washing detergent can help mask the vomit smell until it dissipates fully. You can make use of essential oils or lavender oil.

2. Soaking out the liquid

When you remove the solid parts, you will finally have to deal with the liquid. To do this, the instructions you can follow are: 

• Make use of an old rag or paper towel

You should use them because they can soak more liquid than your standard paper towel. Plus, you can have them thrown away once you are done cleaning. 

• Avoid pressing lightly 

When you press, it gets the remaining vomit liquid into the deeper layers of your mattress. However, it is best to use light blotting motions to avoid the liquid spreading over your foam. 

• Repeat the steps

Finally, you must repeat the steps until the excess liquid is cleaned out. Then you can proceed to the next step. 

3. Dealing with stains and disinfecting the mattress

This is the most vital step of cleaning vomit off your mattress as it entails removing the stain. There are lots of ways to get this done, and they include: 

• The mild soap solution

To make the cleaning liquid mix one part mild soap or liquid dish soap with three parts warm water inside a bottle. Soak your towel or rag in the solution once made. Spot clean the vomit by blotting it.

Note that mild soap is best for removing oil particles and deodorizing your mattress. This is my first treatment when I clean vomit from mattress. And remember to dry your mattress complete with a fan or hairdryer if needed. 

• The vinegar cleaning solution

The solution is comparable to the one above. Here, you are to mix three parts of water with just one part of the vinegar. Ensure you use white vinegar and not apple cider, as the latter is less concentrated. 

Plus, it has a color that makes the stain very noticeable. Furthermore, soak your towel and embark on blotting the stain’s surface. Do not rub it too much and avoid using too much solution since it can go deep into the layers of your foam and damage it. 

One thing to note about white vinegar solution is that it has excellent antimicrobial properties and is highly volatile. This means it can remove the vomit smell once the solution dries off. 

• Enzyme cleaners

Another way to clean vomit is to make use of enzyme cleaners. The enzyme cleaners use active components that break down fats, proteins, and other organic particles, thus eliminating the odor. 

They can be bought in a store, or as I do, you can use a pet urine cleaner as it works the same way. I normally sprinkle the cleaner above the stained region and allow it to dry. It will smell bad for a while, and then it will diminish. 

• The oxygen cleaners

These oxygen cleaners work the same manner as the enzyme cleaners though they get to release active oxygen instead. They allow for deep cleaning, and they dissolve the odor-causing agents within the layers of your mattress. 

Remember that you will need to embark on sprinkling the cleaner just above the stained area alone. Do not allow it to soak too deep. 

4. Removing the odor

Other ways to remove the vomit smell or odor after you have cleaned the vomit include:

• Using rubbing alcohol

Note that rubbing alcohol is pretty volatile. This means that it can bind the odor molecules and dissipate them into the air. You should put some rubbing alcohol inside a pulverizer and sprinkle it all over the stained area. 

Allow the mattress to dry completely and repeat the process if needed. Aside from removing the vomit smell, rubbing alcohol will help clean the germs and disinfect the area. 

• Using baking soda

You might not know this, but baking soda is a natural deodorizer. Just sprinkle it over the vomit stain and 2-3 inches around it. Let the baking soda sit overnight for the best results.

Once it’s dried, use the best vacuum cleaner to remove clean vomit from mattress. Repeat this process until the smell is removed. Don’t be afraid to use the whole box of baking soda if needed. If the smell is really bad, you could use cornstarch as well.

5. Drying it out 

The last step of cleaning such mattresses with vomit stains is to make sure they are fully dry. This is because residual moisture locked in its layers can cause mold development. 

You are to leave them in a ventilated room. And, if the weather allows, you can open your windows. Or you can make use of a fan by placing it on the stained area so that the moisture will evaporate. 

A hairdryer can also be used. Just make sure you set it up on the cold stream settings. You must keep it eight to ten inches away during the drying process. 

Clean vomit from mattress: Memory foam mattress

When it comes to the steps on cleaning vomit from mattress or vomit stains, the good thing is that you will be using the same supplies you used for regular mattresses. 

And the better news is that most of the steps used to clean vomit from the memory foam mattress are the same. The steps are: 

• Removal of the vomit 

Since it sounds terrible, you have no choice but to get it done. Ensure you wear gloves and use a paper plate or even a bowl in scooping up the vomit, then throw it in a garbage bag outside. 

Some people prefer using a dustpan than they flush it down their toilet. However, if you use a dustpan, make sure to disinfect them. 

• Wash your bedding 

You will need to take off the bedding and place them in the washing machine. While you may want to skip the bedding since you did not see vomit on them, it is recommended that you wash everything in a bid to avoid the lingering odor and germs. 

Though you may have to do more than one load, you must wash all the bedding in a high-temperature setting to assist in killing the germs. 

• Clean the liquid

The following steps that come with enzymes are highly crucial for your foam as the material of the foam enjoys soaking up liquid irrespective of whether it is cleaner or puke. 

This means you will get an old rag or paper towels and embark on dabbing the area. This will help in soaking up the remaining liquid. Ensure you dab and do not scrub. Do not press hard into the foam, and do not twist the foam to remove the liquid. 

• Clean the foam 

You will need a clean towel or dry cloth plus your vinegar solution to do this. Make sure it is white vinegar. When placing the solution in a spray bottle, ensure you do not get it sprayed on the memory foam, as it will soak it up quickly. 

If it does, it will lead to damage to the foam. Instead, use the spray bottle and spray the dry cloth or rag lightly, then blot the mattress. Note that the blotted areas will be slightly damp, but they will not be wet. When you clean memory foam mattress just be careful.

• Disinfect, spray rubbing alcohol, and allow it dry for six to eight hours

You will need to dry the mattress to avoid the foam absorbing the cleaner you used. You can do this by using your blow dryer and holding the dryer above the surface of the mattress on a very low heat setting. 

It is possible to use a fan, but whatever you do, ensure the mattress dries before putting the bedding again. Sprinkle baking soda on the foam for those concerned about any lingering odor. Then vacuum it in one week when you rewash the bedding. 

Clean vomit from mattress: Latex mattress

While latex mattresses are pretty sturdy, they will need some cleaning when vomit stains are on them. The steps to follow are: 

  • Remove the mattress cover 
  • Then mix a gentle detergent with warm water, then spray it in the stains from your spray bottle. You are to subtly scrub the vomit stains with a clean towel or dry cloth. 
  • When this is done, get another cloth wet or clean rag and use it in wiping off the soapy residue on the foam. Ensure no residue is left that the mattress can absorb. 
  • Allow the mattress to air dry before putting on some fresh sheets.


When you clean puke, it is good to wear rubber gloves to protect yourself against germs. You can also wear a mask to not breathe in the god forbidden smell. 

Note that the vomit smell makes some persons sick, and if you are worried about getting affected by the odor while cleaning, you can chew on some mint gum. Or you can brush a small bit of mentholated topical ointment under your nose to block out the smell. 

While we have provided you with tips on cleaning vomit from the mattress, remember that all these can be avoided next time if you use a mattress pad.