How To Get Your FCC Certification

By  //  April 8, 2022

Do you plan on transmitting radio frequencies? If so, you need to make sure you get an fcc certification. The Federal Communications Commission is an independent agency under the Umbrella of the United States government. It is responsible for regulating all radio standards on all electronic devices.

If you want to avoid fines and sanctions, you need to make sure you are properly certified before you start to emit radio frequencies. This is important because you do not want to harm nearby equipment or interfere with people. What do you need to do if you want to get an FCC certification? Take a look at a few important tips below, and do not hesitate to reach out to a professional who can help you.

What Products Need To Be Certified?

There are numerous examples of products that need to be certified. Ultimately, any product that emits a radio frequency needs to go through proper testing to ensure it complies with all regulations standards. If you overlook the process, you risk facing fines down the road.

If you have wireless local area networking equipment, it must be appropriately certified. If you have Bluetooth devices, mobile phones, and cordless telephones, they need to be certified. Numerous electronic products emit radio frequencies. They also need to be certified. Regardless of whether the radio radiation is intentional or unintentional, it needs to be tested. 

What Are the Different Types of Classes?

As you take a look at what you need to do to get your equipment properly certified, you need to figure out what type of testing is appropriate. The first type of testing is called Class A testing. This typically covers any equipment that is used for industrial, engineering, or commercial purposes.

The second category of testing is Class B testing. A Class B test is responsible for communication devices. For example, if you have internet equipment or cellular telephones that your average consumer is using, they need to undergo this type of testing. Reach out to an expert if you have questions about what type of testing is right for you. 

What Do You Need To Do?

So, what do you need to do to make sure you comply with all regulations? The first thing you need to do is select a radio frequency that is safe not only for your device but also for any equipment that might come into contact with the radiation. Then, you need to reach out to a professional who can help you conduct compliance testing.

Finally, you also need to register with the FCC. You need to have a free registration number, usually shortened to FRN. Once this is done, you can file your report with the FCC and get the approval to continue using the device safely. 

Reach Out to a Professional for Help With FCC Testing

There is a lot to keep in mind if you need an FCC certification. This is not something you need to go alone alone. You might want to reach out to a professional who can put you in the best position to be successful. It can take a few weeks to go through the process, but you do not want to overlook this critical step. Otherwise, you will expose yourself to fines and sanctions.