Top 10 Most Popular Weed Strains of 2022

By  //  April 28, 2022

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As the unexpected and odd year of 2021 comes to a close, it may be challenging to find reasons to rejoice or celebrate. Fortunately, one thing hasn’t altered over the year: the desire for weed. From cultivating your own to consuming it for mood enhancement, a few strains stood out from the crowd in the eyes of our customers. So, let us gather to celebrate the popular weed strains that 2022 has provided us with.

Here is our complete list of the high yield seeds of 2022 that have contributed to the year’s success.

Granddaddy Purple

The legendary Granddaddy Purple strain, sometimes known as the ‘Purps,’ or GDP, is an award-winning variety that isn’t going away anytime soon. Its famed genetics have graced best-of lists for a long time, and 2022 is no different. This is especially true for people who have been staying in more and relaxing with THC’s pleasant and intoxicating properties. GDP is a potent strain that provides its users with 25-35% THC and fascinating and crave-worthy fruity aromas. The strain is also well-known for its ability to alleviate anxiety, discomfort, and nausea and promote a peaceful and deep slumber.

Gorilla Glue #4

The legendary Gorilla Glue #4, AKA GG4, is another beast of a strain and a significant hit in 2022. Its genetics are derived from an all-star triple-cross of breeds that has become a legend in and of itself. GG4’s sparkling, crystal-covered buds not only catch your eye at first glance, but its soothing benefits continue to impress. This solid mix provides a relaxing couch-lock buzz with euphoria to raise anyone’s emotions. As Gorilla Glue #4 is appetite-inducing and fosters an infectious case of the laughs, prepare your snack repertoire with a lineup of good comedy.

The Incredible Bulk

The Incredible Bulk may be challenging to locate in the stores, but it’s quickly becoming a top seller for cannabis seeds among cannabis lovers. The Incredible Bulk, one of the most potent Indica cultivars 2022 growers have turned to, delivers tremendously calming effects while maximizing yields. The strain is easy to grow for beginners, piling on weight with heavy buds regardless of the type of care she receives. Incredible Bulk smells equally as good, with a traditional piney, skunk-like aroma and notes of musky earthiness. This strain is ideal for a peaceful trek among nature’s wonders or a relaxing and creative game night.

Bruce Banner #3

Bruce Banner #3 is a strain that has been rising for quite some time. The Sativa-dominant hybrid, which is gaining popularity, is now regarded as one of the highest THC strains that 2022 offers. THC levels of 28% and excellent yields pack a punch in strength. You will be satisfied with your draw, but you’ll also be able to enjoy Bruce Banner’s well-balanced buzz, which is both exhilarating and restful for the mind. The citrus and earthy fragrances of Bruce Banner #3 are well-known for increasing mood and reducing symptoms associated with migraines or arthritis. So, you can feel like a superhero taking on any task, day or night, with the heightened good vibes of Bruce Banner #3.

Dos-Si-Dos #33

Dos-Si-Dos #33 is ideal for novice growers looking to create high-potency strains with sweet aromas. The strain is one of the most potent Indica strains of 2022, and people are flocking to it for consistent results and favorable effects. Dos-Si-Dos #33 is a sensory joy because of its sweet, creamy, and fruity profile and its gorgeous look – its nugs are brilliant with neon green and traces of purple. This makes the strain ideal for impressing your friends and serving alongside the most sophisticated cuisine at a catered dinner party or gathering.

Runtz Muffin

Runtz Muffin is a delectable sweet treat that may be savored day or night. Its smooth, fruity, and sweet flavors are like a feast for the palate, and its stunning buds will impress any cannabis enthusiast. Runtz Muffin’s enhanced potencies are delivered by a crystal coating of trichomes on the rich, deep purple colors. This strain is one of the highest THC strains 2022 consumers have enjoyed, with THC levels reaching 29% in most crops. The Indica-dominant hybrid’s effect is perfect for easing stress and muscle tension while providing a soothing all-around high. Bring your Runtz Muffin to a picnic or a night out on the town for an upgraded experience.

Trippy Gorilla Autoflowering

Trippy Gorilla Autoflowering is one of the best autoflower strains 2022 offers, and it does not disappoint. With its out-of-this-world yields, the distinctively named variety lives up to its namesake, especially for a plant programmed to grow on autopilot. Trippy Gorilla is a Sativa-dominant strain that matures in less than 8 weeks and quickly accumulates a sticky-icky covering of powerful resin. Her beast-like Sativa qualities will stimulate you, producing a clear-headed high, making this type suitable for daytime use and wandering around. You’ll be blown away by transforming yourself into a ‘trippy gorilla’ before visiting the zoo, aquarium, or simply going on a walk around town.

Purple Lemonade

Purple Lemonade’s lovely purple buds and striking good looks will make you fall in love at first sight – only one of the reasons this gene has won its position among the most popular weed strains that producers turned to in 2022. Aside from its looks, the autoflowering strain produces large yields in less than 9 weeks of flowering and is ideal for new gardeners. Its dramatic, rich purple hues are accompanied by a pleasant, zesty citrus aroma that is as pleasing to the senses as the strain’s benefits.

The Indica-dominant mix energizes the mind while relaxing the body for a high that can be enjoyed at any time of day. Nothing beats a large glass (or bowl) of Purple Lemonade after a long day’s labor.

Mimosa Evo

Mimosa Evo is a newcomer. This strain reaches our list of the top cannabis strains of 2022 due to its growing appeal among consumers and farmers. Mimosa Evo is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with high levels of THC, usually around 24-26%, for a refreshing and pleasant effect. Growing-wise, the strain achieves enormous heights for high yields, with a color profile that is, to say the least, visually pleasing.

Furthermore, Mimosa Evo bursts with intense fruity and tropical fragrances that will make you feel like you’re on vacation, no matter where you are.

Auto Critical Orange Punch

One of the best autoflower strains 2022 offers comes in at number ten on Seed Supreme list. Auto Critical Orange Punch is a prevalent triple threat that generates maximum yields, intense levels of THC, and an aroma that will have you wanting more right away. In less than 75 days, you’ll see the strain develop a white covering of sticky trichomes that contain nearly 26% THC and are suitable for both medical and recreational users.

Its invigorating orange-scented and skunky fragrances uplift the mood with euphoric elation while simultaneously comforting the body with all the calming sensations you could want. The zesty tastes of this strain will kickstart any night out or raise your day with a burst of motivating energy.

The Best of 2022 – Try All of Them!

There’s still time to experience the finest of the best now that you know more about the top cannabis strains of 2022. As the cannabis industry evolves, so does access to the best genetics. Check out these top picks and more of the most potent cannabis strains 2022 offers at Seed Supreme. Regardless of the hurdles that the year has thrown at us, Seed Supreme remains committed to providing and delivering top-quality seeds worldwide.