A New Political Party Will Support Bitcoin: Andrew Yang

By  //  May 11, 2022

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Many news articles about the political party’s decision around bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are there. Because bitcoin is widespread and there is no central authority over it, the other prominent parties like the government and central bank of the countries have to decide whether it should be used.

Thus it becomes too confusing for the political parties because every party has a different perspective on this currency. The party that sees a lot of disadvantages says that bitcoin is not an adoptable currency in the future. On the other hand, the party sees more benefits saying they must adopt Bitcoin for future transactions. So we’ll reveal the forward party will be the crypto party said, Andrew Yang. Here you can get more information.

Who is Andrew Yang?

Andrew Yang is a forty-seven year (birth 1975) old Businessman, Author, and Political candidate who is known as the best politician for the 2020’s democratic party and the 2021’s mayoral primary in New York city democratic.

He wants to change the perspective of the American people about life by helping them as political candidates and the people who are fans of Yang, known as the yang gang. You can see the post on various social media platforms by searching the hashtag yang gang (#yanggang).

Yang’s thoughts about the bitcoin

Yang is the biggest supporter of this gold coin and this crypto coin and shows support for the other trending coins like Ethereum, dogecoin, litecoin, etc. He knows the potential of this digital coin because he researched a lot about decentralized crypto coins. As you know, Yang is always showing support to the American citizens.

He knows that bitcoin will help all the citizens live an independent life without relying on the government or other institutions. He also said that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies would help improve the economy’s infrastructure in the future.

There are various ways of making money through these digital coins. When people generate revenue, some percentage will go to the government to improve the country’s infrastructure, and people will start spending that money for their joy.

Yang is launching an independent political party named “Forward party” to support the cryptocurrency since he wants to make the country a bitcoin crypto hub. 


There is a need for more awareness.

The citizens can understand the concept of the crypto forward party of Yang if they have proper knowledge of the bitcoin technology. So Yang wants to introduce bitcoin and other crypto coins to US citizens for the essential awareness and benefits of using these coins.

Many people think that bitcoin is a highly complex process since they are not aware of it, and they also believe that bitcoin is gambling and if they buy bitcoin, they will lose their home currency. So the main target of the Yang is to make these types of people aware of this future currency.

Banless transactions

People also get tired of paying the intermediaries that are the owners of their money. Every time they want to transfer or withdraw money, they need to take the permission of these financial institutions. It means that the actual owner of your money belongs to you, but banks become the owner, and you have to take their permission.

So bitcoin will give you the right to use your coins according to your choice without taking the consent of any other person or institution. People have to understand this cryptocurrency feature, and people who are aware of this feature are immediately used to bitcoin and other decentralized crypto coins.

More employment and benefits to the citizens

In the legalized world, you can use cash to purchase and sell goods and services, and this cash comes from your hard work, i.e., from your job income or business income. When you save money in your bank account, then after a few years, the purchasing power of your savings would decline because of inflation.

But the only currency named bitcoin gives you a lot of generating income sources, and there is no need for any extra hard work. Many traders and bitcoin investors make thousands of dollars, and miners earn rewards by using their skills. So this decentralized currency provides employment and makes the people independent for their life earnings.