Evaluating Affordable Braces Alternatives In Florida

By  //  May 1, 2022

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It is estimated that four million people are wearing braces in the US at any given time. Whilst this is a large number, it is much smaller than many consumers might expect. It can be assumed that many people are unable, or unwilling, to get braces as a result of costs, as well as their appearance.

However, as a result of an increasing demand for alternatives to braces, more and more companies are offering products and services that are cheaper and more appealing than braces. Many of these alternatives do not have the same power and range of treatment that braces have, but they offer a large demographic of consumers an affordable and aesthetically pleasing option for alignment. 

Affordable Alternatives to Braces in Florida 

Whilst braces are often seen as the most efficient route with the most obvious results, they are costly. The cost of braces is a frequent factor that deters people from seeking orthodontic alignment. In addition to their price, some people do not want braces because of their appearance and visibility. There are, however, a number of alternatives to braces that consumers can consider.  

Less Visible Braces

Some consumers want an affordable alternative to braces, that is still efficient and strong, without visibility. For these consumers, clear wires and brackets might be the best option. A company providing this service is Six Month Smiles. This company, as seen in the name, only requires most patients to wear their wires and brackets for six months. In addition to their braces-like product, the company also offers clear aligners. 

Six Month Smiles is, on average, more affordable than traditional braces. Their average price range is between $3,500 and $5,000. It is important to note that this company operates as an in-person service. Consumers will have to go in for consultations and visits. This makes the price even more affordable, as consumers are getting the benefits of braces and in-person treatments, with the added bonus of a short treatment plan. 

Six Month Smiles is beneficial for consumers that are looking for affordability, in addition to a treatment that is less visible and obtrusive. However, consumers need to note that with Six Month Smiles, not all teeth qualify. The severity and state of the patient’s teeth are factors that affect whether these products can work. 

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a braces alternative and treatment that helps align crooked or crowded teeth. Unlike braces, there is almost no visibility with clear aligners.

In addition to this, they are often significantly cheaper than braces. There is also an added bonus with clear aligners in that they are removable.

However, for correct and accurate treatment, they still need to be worn for most of the day. Clear aligners are also customized to each patient, and are made using an impression kit. 

There are two types of clear aligner treatment plans: in-person, and at-home. The latter is becoming increasingly popular. At-home treatments rarely require any in-person visits to an orthodontist. Similarly, at-home clear aligners are far cheaper than other alternatives. One company that has pioneered the at-home clear aligner market is Byte.

The company sells clear aligners that are built specifically for each person’s requirements. Byte sends out the aligner series and then allows for treatment within the home. The company, much like other braces alternatives, can only treat a certain set of misalignment cases. Byte’s treatment plans are usually very short. 

Another at-home clear aligner brand is Candid. However, Candid has recently moved over to offering a hybrid treatment plan as an additional service. This allows consumers to have the choice between having treatment solely take place at home, and having a treatment plan that alternates between at-home and in-person treatment.

This does mean that Candid is, on average, slightly more expensive than Byte. In-person visits are limited, though, and consumers can regularly update professionals with the status of their teeth. Whilst Candid is frequently far cheaper than braces, it does have more limitations on the types of teeth that it can serve. 

Final Thoughts

As a result of the price and appearance of braces, more and more alternatives to braces are appearing in the market. These alternatives are frequently more affordable and incorporate some form of invisible element. This makes alignment more accessible and appealing to consumers who want straight teeth. Consumers do need to do research into what alternative would work best for their teeth, budget and needs.