How Long Does It Take to Get Insurance Compensation?

By  //  May 2, 2022

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After an auto accident, victims must collect insurance information from the at-fault driver, and the accountable driver must file a claim through their insurer. Settling an insurance claim could become a lengthy process. The liable driver must communicate with the victim and the insurer to determine when compensation is available to the victim, but if the person doesn’t have insurance, a victim will need to start a legal claim to collect funds for medical costs.  

Where to Get Started

After an auto accident, the first step is to report the accident, but victims with injuries also need to get medical services for their injuries. Medical treatment offers proof of the injuries for insurance or legal claim.

If the person files an insurance claim, the adjuster needs invoices for all medical services to reimburse the victim for these costs, but if the victim cannot get insurance compensation, the invoices are added to a legal claim. Victims who need help get more details at Millar Law Firm now. 

Working With the Claims Adjuster

When starting an insurance claim, the victim or their attorney contacts the insurer, and a claims adjuster is assigned to the claim. The adjuster must determine if the victim’s injuries and expenses meet the terms of the insurance policy. The insurer must process the claim, establish eligibility, and review how much coverage the policyholder has for the auto accident.

Standard liability coverage offers a minimum amount if only one person is injured in the accident, and there is a maximum if more than one party is injured. The adjuster completes calculations according to the victim’s medical expenses and auto repair costs.  

Get Estimates for Auto Repair Costs

Auto repair estimates are included in an auto accident claim, and most insurers require estimates from local auto repair shops. The claim must include images of the auto damage, and the owner must prove that the damage happened during the auto accident. The insurance won’t cover any damage that wasn’t related to the current auto accident.  

Collect Invoices for Medical Costs

If the victim sustained serious injuries during the auto accident, the insurance claim requires invoices for all medical costs, and if there are ongoing care and recovery requirements, the insurer needs an estimate for the costs. Surgeons, medical specialists, chiropractors, and physical therapists can provide projected costs for any further expenses.  

When Can You Expect to Get a Payout?

Claimants could get a payout from an insurance claim within 30 to 40 days after the claim is filed, but the claims adjuster must establish eligibility and review the coverage amount. If there are additional costs to be considered, the insurer could take longer to process the claim. The insurance carrier must have accurate calculations for all medical service costs, auto repair costs, and any additional financial losses caused by the accident. 

Auto accidents lead to serious injuries for some victims, and the liable driver is responsible for all medical costs and auto repair expenses incurred by the victim.

An auto insurance claim provides funds to pay for these financial losses. A claims adjuster must process the insurance claim and establish eligibility for the auto accident and the victim. If the accountable driver doesn’t have insurance, a personal injury lawsuit is the only legal avenue to collect compensation for their financial losses.