Long-Lasting Premium Perfumes That Are Even Better Than Popular Fragrance Brands?

By  //  May 1, 2022

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If you are a scent enthusiast, you may have wondered at times how to save money cause you’ll be spending most of it on perfumes from popular brands. What if I say to you that you can still smell luxurious and also save money at the same time? Well, it is true, and that is what Dossier perfumes are about. 

What makes Dossier Perfumes better than the others?

Dossier aims to provide premium perfumes that are long-lasting, made from the perfume capital of the world, that’s Grasse, France, only with high-quality ingredients and sometimes even higher concentrations than most of the popular brands. For instance, take a look at the Dolce and Gabbana light blue dupe, that’s the Citrus Green Apple; it’s a mix of lime and cedrat and also offers some zesty floral notes along. This scent is nature-inspired and magical and makes you feel warm and happy, and the most exciting part is that it retails for only $29.

Are the scents safe?

A question sure must have popped into your mind by now, are they safe? Yes. They are. They are colorant and UV-filter-free, paraben and phthalate-free, which makes them absolutely safe on all skin types. All of their perfumes are developed in strict accordance with U.S. and European Union cosmetic safety regulations, ensuring that they are sustainable, ethical, and, most importantly, produced from the best ingredients at reasonable rates, making them an all-rounder in every manner. Dossier perfumes are also environmentally friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, and completely non-toxic, making them even safer. 

Eco-friendly Packaging

Do you believe that they would have rested on the packaging? Certainly not. The packaging is not only neat and attractive but it is also constructed of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, so you will be saving money while also helping our planet when you shop at Dossier.

Shipping Policy

With shipping, Dossier ships anywhere within the continental United States. And if you, by mistake, gave in the wrong address and checked out, you can always change your address within an hour of you placing the order. Shipping would cost you $9 if you order less than 3 scents, but if you do order 3 or more scents, then shipping is free, and you can always track your order. 

Return Policy

And as with returns, yes, they do provide returns. Returns are accepted for 30 days from the date of purchase; however, the delivery price is not refundable. There is no specific number; you may return as many products as you wish, as long as they are returned in the same box. This makes it easy for you to choose perfumes that suit your preferences; if you don’t like a smell, simply return them back, and a refund will be issued.


With iconic scent inspirations, clean and vegan ingredients, colorant-free, paraben-free, lasts long, and with a reasonable price, you sure mustn’t miss out on Dossier perfumes. They come in cute packaging, smell heavenly, and smell rich when worn. They have a scent for every mood. You will for sure not be disheartened when you shop with the Dossier.