SEO Agency Research Reveals 10 Digital Marketing Trends To Shape 2023

By  //  May 19, 2022

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The most important thing that the global pandemic has taught businesses is the imperativeness of their digital presence. As a result, demand for online marketing has skyrocketed. 

The digital sphere is constantly evolving and growing, with no signs of decline. Because of this, entrepreneurs need to ensure that they are moving forward with the times and are using the best digital marketing strategies to create awareness and overall notability.

Below are some of the top ten digital marketing trends that will shape 2023 according to SEO Company TopRankings. 

1. Voice Search SEO

An increasingly large proportion of consumers use Google’s voice search to navigate the web, nearly half of all users. It is therefore expected in the next year that companies begin to spread some of their text SEO efforts to voice search. This is a novel area that can be quite tricky as it relies upon lengthier keywords (normally over three words).

The reason for this is quite simple, when people speak their queries they tend to do so in full sentences, rather than the more brief manner in which people type.

2. Short-Form Content

In a bid to appeal to the rapidly shortening attention spans of internet users, content is gradually being compressed down to be as short as possible. Known as ‘short-form’ content, these mini-videos are cropping up on nearly all platforms, including YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and many of the videos on TikTok.

Since their shorter length is more appealing to viewers, they captivate attention more intensely, which has alerted SEO marketers to the utility of this form of content for advertising.

3. Google ‘Featured Snippet’

The zenith of SEO has always been ranking as highly as possible on Google searches related to a business’s product or service. The most recent medium through which this has taken effect is Google’s new ‘featured snippet’ function. This previews a section of highlighted text from a website that seeks to answer the query that is entered into Google.

This piece of technology has been placed in the crosshairs of SEO marketers, who are trying to perfect the craft of providing users with answers to their query in this snippet whilst also piquing their interest enough to get them to click for more information.

4. Image Search SEO

Alongside voice search, SEO marketing is also gradually transitioning away from text search to image search. As a result of Google Lens, internet users can input pictures into Google to return a variety of results. This just represents one more flow of traffic that can be intercepted by digital markets to provide organic growth to their clients and is expected to be big in the upcoming year.

5. Influencers

Over the past decade the ‘influencer economy’ has been exponentially growing – by the end of 2022, it is predicted to be worth nearly $15 billion in total. This is in part due to the popularity of TikTok, though was already present through others like Instagram and YouTube.

Digital marketers are looking at leveraging these influencers to supply their audiences with sponsored content and promote an influx of organic traffic. 

6. Organic SEO

SEO is an extremely powerful marketing tool that is not going anywhere any time soon. Moving into 2023, it will still be the paramount instrument in a digital marketer’s toolbox for achieving businesses with some new sources of traffic.

New forms of SEO are constantly being pioneered, some of which (like Image and Voice SEO) have already been explored here, but others will continue to pop up. These are the ones to keep an eye out for in 2023.

7. Social Media Posts Linking To A Shop

Another strong digital marketing strategy that was solidified this year was the use of ‘shoppable posts’ on social media platforms like Instagram. These involve the use of a sponsored post that also acts as a portal toward an in-app version of the business’s website.

This permits users to quickly and conveniently be brought to a page on which they can pay for a product they have just taken an interest in via a sponsored advert on the social media platform they are using.

8. Inclusive Marketing

As the world at largest shifts towards being more inclusive and respectful towards all, this is being increasingly reflected in all forms of marketing. Inclusive marketing does not mean mere diversity in the images displayed in adverts and on social media, nor is it a sales trick.

Inclusive marketing should be used by companies to demonstrate that they practice what they preach and that their supposed values of equality translate into their marketing strategy. 

9. Machine Learning

While machine learning is becoming the next craze in web development, this is not the only industry that poses to benefit from its development. Indeed, this technology will become increasingly important in the everyday work of marketing professionals in 2023 and onwards.

Machine learning can be used to provide insights on customer data that will empower digital marketers with the ability to more accurately gauge the future purchasing decisions of their potential customers.

10. Livestreaming

Streaming platforms (such as Twitch, YouTube, etc.) have become exceptionally popular due to their highly engaging nature. As a result of this, they embody the perfect format for marketers to showcase their clients’ material, which is exactly what’s happening.

If one has an engaged and active audience, then streaming videos is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to announce a new product or to spread awareness of a brand. This type of digital marketing can also generate real time responses that can be very useful to those needing immediate results from their marketing. 

Final Thoughts

By following the above-mentioned techniques, entrepreneurs can be on the right path when it comes to improving their digital marketing techniques. Businesses become connected with the right customers in an online space through digital marketing, it opens up the doors for many different opportunities. 

By becoming well-versed with such digital marketing trends, businesses can be ahead of the curve and have peace of mind knowing that they will be on the right track when it comes to establishing a digital presence in a world that is prioritising the online space.