Understanding the Cost of Airport Advertising

By  //  May 17, 2022

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If you are a marketing guru who is looking to build out the ultimate advertising campaign, then airport advertising is certainly something you will want to consider.

In fact, advertising at airports has been one of the most reliable and successful forms of big advertising for years, if not decades! This is because brands are able to reach an entirely new audience on a daily basis and really ensure they get maximum impact for their advertising spend.

While airports took a bit of a hit over the last few years thanks to the pandemic, travel is roaring back and we are looking at an insane year of travel. This is great news as it means that now there will be more flights, more people, and more opportunities to make a real impact with your advertising campaigns. 

We are sharing all you need to know about airport advertising and, most importantly, understanding the meaning and value behind the costs. 

Defining Airport Advertising

When it comes to defining airport advertising, it is honestly quite broad. This is because airport advertising literally encompasses all aspects of an airport—and airports are huge! This means that when you set up your advertising campaign at an airport, you have a whole range of collateral to choose from.

This means that you can select everything from digital display ads throughout the terminal walls to advertising in the park and hop shuttle busses. And we’re really just getting started.

Here are a few of the most common areas you can choose from for airport advertising and the costs associated with them.

Costs and Value of Airport Advertising 

1. Dioramas

These advertising displays are usually placed near baggage claim and by boarding gates in the terminal. Because these are static displays, the cost of production is relatively cheap and a backlight will really make your advertisement shine. The backlit dioramas tend to be the most inexpensive options as the sizes are generally smaller, the maintenance is basic and the space is average.

But this goes without saying that it is still extremely impactful. In fact, backlit dioramas are one of the most popular and easy ways to get your brand seen by travelers in airports. 

2. Spectaculars

If you are wanting to really make a big impact with your brand advertising, then you will want to consider also utilizing the spectaculars. They come in both small sizes that are placed on concourses or within the arrival halls or big formats that can be up to fifteen to twenty feet wide!

Spectaculars are similar to dioramas in terms of utilizing light to make the advertisements shine. The most impactful spots for spectaculars are generally near rental car areas and passenger pick-ups. While it is a bit more of an investment, the foot traffic that pass by these are large and there is plenty of space to play with.

3. Banners

Another great way to advertise at airports is with banners. These banners cover floor-to-ceiling walls at the airport, which means you get a ton of space. You normally see big brands take up these assets as it does come with a bit more of a price tag. But needless to say, the spending is certainly worth it.

These larger-than-life banners really create a specific atmosphere within the airport that can captivate travelers and tell your brand story. People will remember these and is something that can really only be uniquely done at airports.

4. Digital Screens

While you can go static and completely own space with dioramas and spectaculars, you can also share advertising space with other brands on digital video screens. These screens give each advertiser around five to ten seconds of screen time before rotating to the next advertisement.

This is a cost-effective way to still get seen and in a very environmentally friendly way. Plus, the digital format allows you to animate your ads too. 

5. Airport Shuttles and Transit Alternatives

Airports are big, which means that many will have multiple transit options to get around the terminals and to the parking lots. This means that you will also have the option to utilize space on and within airport shuttles and monorail lines. These are great options for those who are looking to have an impactful time with audiences as the dwell time in transit is long, so the likelihood of passengers coming into contact and resonating with your advertisement is high. 

Benefits of Airport Advertising

In conclusion, there are so many different spaces within an airport to utilize when it comes to advertising. The audiences that will see your marketing campaigns will be receptive, captivated, and affluent—all three traits that any brand would want in their own audience! 

So where will you be booking for your next advertising campaign in airports? Whatever you choose, it is sure to make an impact.