Virtual Team Building Activities- The Gateway to a Sustainable Team Spirit From Remote

By  //  May 8, 2022

Today remote work is becoming the new normal, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, according to most employees, they are not able to socialize, and with the additional work pressure, they have faced an increase in their stress levels. Hence it becomes essential for organizations to focus on virtual events for teams

Advantages of Virtual Team Building Activities in Remote Work

Enhances Employees Morale

Sometimes pushing teams in order to deliver work as well as adhering people to deadlines can cause a certain amount of disengagement among employees. Hence organizations must try to encourage team members with the help of virtual team building activities, thereby boosting their motivation and also creating a positive reinforcement.

Enhances Team Spirit and Collaboration

A successful project cannot succeed without team effort and collaboration. In a physical workspace, the collaboration becomes much more accessible. However, in the case of a remote work scenario, it becomes really difficult for teams to align for the project’s progress. In such cases, virtual team-building activities belong to the most effective HR business solutions and blessing as it enhances greater team spirit as well as collaboration. 

Leads to Innovative Management Techniques

In an organization operating in a highly competitive market, innovation plays a very important role, especially in order to gain a competitive advantage. Virtual team building activities act as a way through which the entire team can be together, thereby enhancing team spirit as well as creativity. Through these activities, employees also started gaining interest and thereby became more involved in the long-term goals of the company.

Enhances Productivity

When employees are stressed or burnt out, this leads to lower productivity. However, with virtual team-building activities, team leaders can clearly explain the organization’s goals, thereby helping employees identify their strengths and carry out their tasks smoothly.

Develops Versatility

Most organizations expect their employees to be versatile and quickly respond to certain developments. Thus, by organizing and developing team-building, leaders can enhance the motivation and team spirit along with their expertise as well as resource skills in more than one area of work. This also helps employees to innovate and try out new tasks without the fear of any type of repercussions.

Since it is understood now that virtual team building activities play a very important role in a remote work scenario, let us now understand the different virtual team building.

Top 3 Virtual Team Building Activities

The Virtual Cocktail Class

In this activity, team members would receive a cocktail kit by mail and a kit containing mixers, shakers, recipes, pre cocktail mix, etc. Team members have to connect to the cocktail class with the help of Zoom, MS teams, or Webex, and it will be hosted by a bartender who would teach various recipes, fun games, and quizzes. 

The Digital Music Quiz Show

If you want to create melancholy among your team, what could be a better option than music. In this digital music quiz show, team members can enjoy some of the best musical performances from their favorite arts, and they have to guess the songs based on certain clues.

The quiz will have several rounds, along with moderation. This music quiz show is a unique virtual event as it comes with a  quiz possessing about ten decades of music in about eight genres and each having at least six challenges. Team members can connect with Zoom, Webex, or MS Teams in order to enjoy and take part in the digital music quiz show.

Virtual Escape Rooms

In order to create an ice breaker and relax employees from their stress and burnout, virtual escape rooms are one of the best virtual events. In this activity, there would be around six escape room episodes with numerous exciting riddles as well as challenges. Whether it is supernatural or a missing person case, the virtual escape room has all of it.

Also, it comes with a live support team that acts as an escape guide. All your team needs to do is connect with Zoom, Webex, or MS Teams, make themselves comfortable and channel their hats of thinking and innovation. 

Summing Up

Today COVID-19 has changed the relationship between an employer and an employee. Hence it becomes immensely relevant that organizations understand it and try to make remote work an interesting experience for their employees. Virtual team building activities are one of the best gateways that employees can use in order to enhance the motivation as well as team spirit of employees.