11 Things you Should Know About Proctorio

By  //  June 4, 2022

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The unexpected Covid outbreak has had a huge impact on conducting tests and interviews. The adoption of remote teaching and virtual meeting apps grew at an unprecedented rate last year.

The standardised testing industry had to adjust as well, and all of the popular exams, such as the GRE, GMAT, and SAT, transitioned to home-based test-taking alternatives. Proctorio, a remote proctoring service that allows students to take tests and quizzes from their homes and give assignment help, is one of the tools that enabled this transition.

Institutions use Proctorio programmes to maintain academic integrity, which leads to fairness in grading after exams.

Both on-campus and online students can use this software to protractor tests. They also support their clients’ systems, which are mostly educational institutions. The software tools will flag any suspect behaviour for faculty examination. The instructor must then decide the qualities by creating a suitable programme setting. As a result, the calculator and the whiteboard are the only quiz resources available during the exam. When students have technical difficulties during the test, they can contact Proctorio via live chat to get help.

How does Proctorio work?

The digital toolbox within your assessment platform, which includes Proctorio’s online proctoring, identity verification, plagiarism detection tools, and content protection tools, ensures the integrity of your online exam.

The application works by allowing you to have a live proctor monitor your computer screen and webcam feed. In addition, a cheating-free environment is ensured by security mechanisms incorporated into the software and live monitoring. Users may, however, have questions or reservations about this service because it is still relatively new. As a result, a list of frequently asked questions about the service is below.

11 Things You Should Know about Protorio

Reading aloud when using Proctorio

No. When Proctorio does not issue an explicit warning, it is recommended that you should not read aloud to yourself while taking an exam. Proctorio has issued warnings to people in the past due to this. Furthermore, if a proctor is watching your exam live, they may give you a verbal warning before adopting harsh actions.

Proctorio can see your face

 A live proctor will be available to see your face via webcam while taking the test. Your webcam stream will be recorded for subsequent scrutiny if your administrator does not request live monitoring. Furthermore, before the test begins, the live proctor may request that you show them your testing setting. However, they can only be able to view your face once the test has begun.

Proctorio to detect or catch you cheating

Often you may wonder how to cheat on proctorio? Proctorio used eye and head tracking to determine whether a test taker was reading something other than what was displayed. Furthermore, because all activity is recorded, if the programme has alerted you to any questionable behaviour, the exam administrator can review the recordings later to corroborate instances of cheating.

Is Proctorio quick to flag you or issue a warning?

The live proctor will give you a verbal warning first, depending on the seriousness of the incident. If you continue to engage in suspicious behaviour, you will be flagged. A test that has been highlighted will not cancel it. Instead, the flagged exam and everything related will be referred to a supervisor for review. Your test administrator will be alerted if they confirm cheating.

Is Proctorio invading your privacy?

It all depends on how you define invasion of privacy. The programme must monitor and record your webcam, audio, and browser activities during the examination because it is meant to conduct exams remotely. Once the test is completed, you can delete the extension, and the application will no longer have access to your computer.

Does Proctorio collect personal data?

The privacy policy of the test administrator governs any information Proctorio obtains about a test taker. Proctorio is a data processor, whereas the data controller is the institution in charge of the exam. Visual identification, camera feed, audio feed, and online traffic are all examples of information that Proctorio may collect.

Is Proctorio capable of tracking or monitoring the movement of your eyes?

Proctorio does not monitor eye movements, but it may utilise facial detection to ensure that test takers do not look away from their exams for too long. This identifies if a face is engaging with the exam window.

Proctorio keeps recordings for how long?

Unless the institution specifies otherwise, Proctorio holds the stored data for 30 days after the contract’s conclusion. The data is transferred to the institution or destroyed after 30 days.

When you switch tabs, Proctorio is notified

Proctorio records the sites you visit during the test if your test administrator has activated the applicable setting.

Proctorio is equipped with a calculator

Yes. You will have an on-screen calculator if your test administrator has enabled the calculator option.

Proctorio blocks spell check

Any third-party plugins installed on the web browser, such as Grammarly, will be disabled by Proctorio. Thereby, you will not be able to utilise any spell-check.

Proctorio locks your web browser during the test, preventing you from accessing other tabs. It does not keep track of the websites visited before the test. Further, Proctorio makes the browser window full screen to prevent test-takers from accessing extraneous apps

Moreover, it is always good to make sure there’s no background noise while taking the test. Although Proctorio may alert you to background noise, it is ultimately up to your exam administrator to determine if it violates exam integrity. 

It is, however, preferable to err on the side of caution and take the test in a calm setting. However, exam proctoring via the internet is a service your instructor may or may not demand for course tests. If an instructor has allowed online proctoring for an exam, all students in that class must participate.

Proctorio is a useful programme that scans the area and displays all available hardware, including phones. The instructor can change the setting such that a phone is recognised as a factor that raises suspicious ratings.