How is an Air Track Mat Better Than a Tumbling Mat?

By  //  June 16, 2022

An Air track mat is better than regular tumbling mats in many ways. They provide you with everything a number mat does but with added benefits. They are more convenient, safer, and durable than any other tumbler mat. 

Gymnastics is a dangerous sport as it has a lot of risks of getting injured by slipping and falling. But at the same time, gymnastics requires a lot of practice and training. Thus to get better at these skills, a person has to practice daily, and for that, you need a safe and risk-free surface.

 An Air mat is the perfect solution for such a situation. These mats are inflatable and provide a soft and safe surface for you to jump, tumble and perform multiple stunts without getting injured. These mats are very convenient and portable to carry as well. They are also more affordable and durable than any other types of mats, making them the best choice.

Differences between an Air mat and a tumbling mat?

To understand which mat is better, first, we should know the different specifications of each mat. An Air mat is an inflatable mat filled with air, and therefore they provide a rebound effect because of the internal pressure of air and their durable material. On the other hand, regular tumbling mats have a simple structure with levels of foam covered in leather or PVC. They are soft and flat; thus, they can easily be folded and kept away.

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Now let’s look at the reasons why an air mat is better than other types of tumbling mats:

1. Size:

Air mats have a variety of sizes. These are available in smaller sizes for kids and larger sizes for adults. Standard size is about 10-15 feet in length and 3-6 feet in width, but their size can also go up to 50 feet in length. They are also thicker, which allows them to cushion your fall if you slip, causing fewer injuries. Having a mat with a bigger size is safer as it provides more room for mistakes. Therefore these mats are the superior choice for gymnastics.

Tumbling mats are less in size compared to air mats. Their standard size is 8 feet long and 4 feet wide and is also much less in thickness. Therefore these mats can only be used to carry out simple steps and stunts but not for complex or challenging practicing sessions. To get a perfect size of a tumbler mat, you have to get more than one and connect them, but that would increase the hassle and the cost of the product altogether.

2. Safety

Air mats are safer than regular tumbling mats as they have a softer and lighter surface of air that helps absorb the shock when a person falls or slips. The inflatable surface of the air mat helps lessen the impact of a fall. Therefore it is much safer than a tumbler mat which is only made up of layers of foam.

The foam helps to give tumbler mats a soft surface, but they are flat and not as high or bouncy as air mats; therefore, they do not lessen the impact of a fall. Therefore tumbling mats are more dangerous for practice sessions where you are prone to making mistakes and falling often.

3. Comfort while performing

Inflatable mats help to provide a weightless floating experience which causes less tiredness and helps to improve the results of your practice. The lightness allows you to perform better stunts and practice effortlessly where tumbling mats absorb the impact of your movements. Tumbling mats are therefore not better at tumbling than air mats as instead of helping to bounce; they block the force and momentum of the body, which leads to uncomfortable practice sessions.

4. Convenience:

Air mats can be deflated easily when not in use and can be folded into a small and compact form to store them easily or even to transport them from one place to another. Although tumbling mats can be folded easily, they still cover a lot of storage space; thus, storing and transporting them is less manageable than air mats.

5. Affordability

Air mats are a little higher in price than tumbling mats, but they provide double the size and double the advantage of better safety and performance. To get the length and thickness of a foam mat equal to that of an air mat, you have to buy multiple foam mats, which will be more expensive. A single air mat can fulfill all concerns about safety and size and, therefore, is worthy of your money.


An Air track mat makes practice more fun, safe and fulfilling. They make sure that you are safe while learning your skills and remain free from risks as much as possible. If you want to make safety your priority, air mats are your way to go.