How Many Followers Do You Need to Get Verified on Instagram?

By  //  June 22, 2022

The number of followers does not matter to get yourself verified on Instagram. The President of Germany had less than 1000 followers but had a verified account. So what is this fuss all about?

Do Instagram followers not matter at all?

Or do they matter to some extent? 

If you are confused about the number of followers and IG verification, here is what you need to learn.  

Instagram and Its Verification:

To get verification in the shape of a small white stick with a blue background is always thought to be monumental for all Instagram users. Mostly, users running their businesses on Instagram want their services to be recognized and verified by Instagram.

 Well, some of you might be thinking that getting more and more followers can lead to getting this worthy blue check. Unfortunately, It is not like that!

Having more followers might help you get verified but having more followers only and not acting upon the community guidelines, and Terms of Conditions put by Instagram will not work. To educate yourself about getting verification, you need to understand what it is for and why everyone aspires to get this tick?

What Is Instagram Verification and Why Is It Important?

Instagram verification is not limited to getting this blue stick. Instead, it is a hard nut that can only be cracked if you understand how it can be!

Instagram verification means recognition and validation of your account by Instagram. When Instagram verifies your account, it puts this white stick with a blue background with your username. An account with this mark is considered authentic and genuine by the people, and it increases your reach and engagement with public reliance. 

Getting more followers is not a silver bullet to getting the verification mark, but you need to follow Instagram’s community guidelines to get it done. 

Requirements to Get IG Verification:

Following are the requirements to get verification by Instagram given by itself:

1. Authenticity: 

Instagram will never approve your request for verification if your account is not authentic. Only being seemingly authentic is not enough. Instagram does its own research in this regard and leaves no stone unturned to get to know about your brand, business, services, personality, or anything else. 

Hence, let’s clarify here that you can only get Instagram verification if your niche is strong and appropriate. You will get verification if your profile belongs to a business, brand, or celebrity. Instagram does not verify common people running meme pages, fan pages, and likewise. 

Moreover, you are a real person, genuine, and authentic, only if you:

 Share original and quality content

■ Post with consistency

■ Do not overdo and keep balance

■ Post manually rather than using automated posting

■ Have a profile picture and bio that resonates with the content

■ Stay niche-oriented

■ Prove your presence

■ Have other similar social media accounts

■ Have a personal website or blog 

■ Have press review or newsworthy

These are the mentioned requirements to be more authentic on Instagram. 

2. Unique:

According to the community guidelines of Instagram, being unique gets you to favour in verification. Being unique does not mean to estrange or alienate your content that makes your audience uncomfortable—being unique means sharing niche-oriented and competitive content here. 

It should be great content with great ideas behind it. It should be unmatchable and unparalleled content and have the capacity to compete with high-rated content. Remember that copying your content from other content creators will not benefit you in this case. Thus, please create your content and put uniqueness in its style and perspective. 

3. Complete Profile:

Instagram only recognizes your profile and gets it verified if it is complete. Instagram does not recognize an uncompleted profile with passive content. Your profile should have a profile picture, bio, link to your website or blog, and story highlights. 

Moreover, Story highlights, using appropriate keywords, and optimizing your profile will make it look complete and highly professional. Working in multiple niches and incomplete profiles can cause a halt in the verification process. 

Here are the ways how you can optimize your profile:

■ Having a profile picture that resonates with your niche

■ Having a catchy and niche-oriented bio that showcases your brand and services

■ Having a personal website link to your profile

■ Using Story Highlights to signify and specify your products or services

■ Keeping it straightforward

■ Using ALT text, Keywords, and Hashtags for your posts

4. Notable:

Standing out and being noteworthy is another factor that Instagram requires to get your verification done. It means that your account and profile must be in one place and provide excellent services that can distinguish you from others. 

You must have observed that most celebrities have their accounts verified by Instagram because they personalize their account with personal presence and are distinguished figures. The same is the case for businesses. The businesses must use tricks to get notable.

With notable, Instagram means you must have got featured in multiple sources and highly-known, i.e. famous. The more popular you are, the more chances you get a verification tick mark.

Some Other Factors Not Told by Instagram ToCs and Community Guidelines:

There are some other factors that matter. Here are a few of them:

5. Not Status but Authenticity:

It is not required to elevate the status of your profile by having a strong fan base. It is to ensure authenticity. Multiple accounts are spam, unreal, and inauthentic. Therefore, Instagram does not recognize them and blocks them after watching their passive presence. 

You can ensure the authenticity of your account by providing real information, accessible email addresses, contact details, locations, and a personal website or blog link. Moreover, cross profiles on different social media platforms will make you look more authentic.

You will appear more authentic if you verify yourself from other social media accounts. 

6. Trademarked Username:

Using a trademark name in your profile is crucial to have an optimized profile that can help you get IG verification. If you have a corporate company showcasing your services at IG, then you should use the same name. 

Trademark username gets your identification easier and more apparent. Moreover, searching for you on other search engines like Google will be easier. 

7. Be a Contributor:

Contributing is highly beneficial if you want to get an IG verified account. Instagram is a great social bar engine in this regard. It recognizes every tiny value you add. Thus, being a contributor to positive services can greatly favor yourself. 

You can also add value by contributing to other businesses and getting them featured. 

8. Getting Featured in Press or SE:

Getting featured in the press or other search engine websites will increase your chance of getting the white-blue tick mark. It is highly advisable if it is not unreal and paid. You can get quality services through paid promotions and get featured. You should have a Wikipedia page also for this case. 


Followers Matter:

You need to understand this because your followers are your admirers, potential customers, and lead engines for your account.

Thus, if you think you purchase Instagram followers by optimizing your account and following all the tricks to get them, there are high chances of getting verified accounts. 

How? You already know that more followers mean more audience watching and listening to you. More audience means more followers and even more audience. The more you engage with your audience, the more your account’s reach will be, and Instagram will recognize your identity and trust you as a brand.  

Do yourself a favor, optimize your account, authenticate your presence, add valued engagement and content, be unique and noteworthy, and get real-time promotion to verify your account.