Best Walkies for Stadiums

By  //  July 18, 2022

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Sports Stadiums are lively environments that attract tens of thousands of visitors annually. It will be challenging for the various departments to stay in touch throughout the day due to the scale of the venue. Because of this, most stadiums will need two way radios to communicate.

 In order to obtain the necessary range, licenced radios would be the most appropriate option in this scenario. Licenced radios require an Ofcom licence which costs £75 and lasts for 5 years. This provides users with further range compared to licence free walkie talkies, the users also get a secure, dedicated frequency. 

See some licenced radios, recommended by Radio Solutions

Kirisun – DP405 

The DP405 by Kirisun is a professional two way radio that is simple to use, cost effective and compact for easy transportation. Features of the Kirisun DP405 include emergency calling for additional safety measures.  

The Kirisun DP405 is IP54 rated, so is protected against dust and sprays of water. Making it a reliable radio for staff to use in or outdoors. With up to 16 hours battery life, the radios will last users an entire shift. 

Hytera – HP605 

The Hytera HP605 is a robust two way radio designed to withstand use in harsh environments. With an IP67 rating, the radio is completely dust tight and waterproof. Boasting exceptional performance, with up to 20 hours battery life along with features such as; group/private calling, emergency calling and more. 

Both two way radios will help users safeguard members of the public and themselves in the stadium, ensuring the day to day runs smoothly. 


There will be occasions where the licenced radios may need an additional boost in range if the stadium is even bigger. This is achieved through utilising Repeaters. 

A repeater will increase the signal from one radio and deliver the transmission at a higher power. Meaning it can cover further distances and overcome any potential signal blocks caused by obstructions.

PTTOC Radios

Another option stadiums could consider are 4G radios. Also known as PTTOC (Push to Talk over Cellular) or LTE radios. These radios operate over the mobile networks or broadband. 

With potential risks of the mobile network slowing down with a full stadium, staff would be able to use the radios over the WiFi network. So wherever there is internet connection, users will be able to transmit and keep in contact. 

All of the licenced radio are available to purchase from Radio Solutions. If you wish to discuss your requirements, or have any questions on radio repeaters or 4G radios, give the team a call on 01745 335811. Alternatively you can contact the team directly through the Live Chat feature on the website.