Best Forex Broker in Dubai With Local Regulation

By  //  August 9, 2022

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Dubai is the region’s most significant trading hub for foreign exchange, and the United Arab Emirates is at the forefront of the foreign exchange industry. The Emirates have drawn considerable talent and money from abroad and are now the main link between Asia and Europe due to the region’s rapid economic growth and Dubai’s gaining recognition as a developing global financial powerhouse.

In this Traders union article you will find the best data on forex brokers.

Various factors fuel the fast-expanding forex trading industry in the UAE. Due to the country’s cheap taxes and good salaries, many skilled individuals worldwide have relocated to Dubai or Abu Dhabi and are now trading forex from those locations.

The nation is ranked so highly in both categories as a result. Many UAE residents who earn significant incomes also trade currencies because they are not required to pay taxes on their earnings from doing so. Locals are now significantly more interested in the forex market due to the expanded options it offers, which has raised their attention.

To bolster Dubai’s standing as a significant financial power in the region, the city has hosted the largest Financial Forum and Forex Expo for the Middle East and Northern Africa region since 2007. Every year, forex traders from around the world congregate here to discuss the latest

HYCM Is a Reputable Foreign Exchange Broker

A multi-regulated, multiple award-winning and well-established Forex broker is HYCM. Henyep Capital Markets (UK) Limited, HYCM (Europe) Ltd, HYCM Limited, and Henyep Capital Markets (DIFC) Limited all operate under the same parent company, Henyep Capital Markets group, under the trading name “HYCM.”

The Henyep Group is a multinational company with its headquarters in Hong Kong. It has a variety of companies across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, including Forex and CFD trading.

Markets for Securities and Capital

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Investing directly




The business maintains regional offices in Limassol, Kuwait, Dubai, and London. The oanda reviews that limited range of CFDs and below-average pricing puts it just behind.

HYCM Business Background

With over 40 years of financial industry experience, HYCM primarily serves clients in Asia. The critical years in the history of HYCM can be summed up as follows:

When Henyep joined the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange Society in 1977, the company officially became the first Henyep financial organization. Henyep Securities, a new financial organization, was founded a year later and joined the Far East Stock Exchange.

The Chairman of Henyep gets authorized to join the Commodities Exchange in New York in 1981. (COMEX). The company grows its business operations simultaneously across four continents. Henyep took part in the founding of the Hong Kong Futures Exchange in 1986.Henyep relocated its trading operations to London in 1994.The best broker for small deposits is IG. According to oanda reviews its fully safe, secure and transparent platform.

One of the biggest forex brokers in the world and the one with the lowest minimum deposit is IG, which is DFSA-regulated. Retail consumers in Dubai who want to begin trading with the least amount possible can put their faith in a licensed forex broker like IG.

IG Group Holdings Plc, a global multi-regulated online trading company with operations in 16 nations on five continents, was founded in 1974. IG is a trademark of IG Limited, a company governed by the DFSA and registered in the DIFC. The following ways are available for use by IG customers to fund their trading accounts:

Methods of Funding for Forex Brokers

Instant deposits with Visa and Mastercard using a debit card, with no fees. immediate deposits using credit card

Instant deposits with credit cards are available with Visa and Mastercard. A 1 percent fee is applied to Visa cards, while a 0.5 percent fee is applied to Mastercard products.

bPay: No fees will be applied to deposits. However, it could take up to two business days for the money to appear in the clients’ IG trading accounts.

Financial institution wire to IG’s HSBC account – No fees will be applied, and money may take up to 3 business days to clear.