Best HTML Forum Templates for Your Website

By  //  August 25, 2022

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Starting a website in any business isn’t difficult, but not an easy task. Combining important points such as beautiful design, convenience for visitors, and information content is necessary. The appearance must take into account the specifics of the type of business.

For example, it’s customary to use a strict design and calm blue or green colors in the medical area. No matter what direction you work in, the HTML forum template always helps with high-quality design. As for how to create a successful forum and run it, we’ll give a couple of time-tested tips. Please read our article and learn a lot of useful things.

How To Start A Forum From Scratch

You need to decide on the sequence of actions to get started. The list of the steps to make a site looks like this:

■ Purchase hosting and domain name.

■ Decide on the CMS.

■ Select specific topics for discussion.

■ Choose forum template HTML to get a good look. Yes, this point is especially important. The success depends on the design and how comfortable it’s for visitors. Consequently, people will leave more of their comments or increase the amount of time they spend on the portal.

You should get a good result by putting together and implementing these points.

Tip 1. Please don’t look for free options for the layouts to create the look or save on CMS rates. Sometimes you need a small investment to get good results. So, don’t search in Google – forum website HTML template free download. Try to buy a paid, high-quality product to have the best visitor feedback.

How To Create Activity Among Portal Visitors

Naturally, a visitor never returns to you again after seeing boring topics or low activity in the comments. It’s necessary to start the process yourself and make a stir of communication.

How to diversify the portal and get started:

■ Create discussion threads yourself. This way, you set the main theme for the website. These can be highly specialized portals for discussing health issues, newborn care, or apartment renovation.

■ The narrower the topic of discussion, the more difficult it’s to attract a visitor. Therefore, it’s worth creating talks on similar topics. For example, if you work in tourism, you may also talk about searching for real estate abroad, the climatic conditions of different countries, and interesting traditions and holidays. Thus, readers usually show much more interest in reading comments on various topics than exclusively about tours or how to find a good package.

■ Involve friends and third-party sources in making a lively, pleasant site. You may even not disdain paid comments to encourage future visitors to leave their opinion on a particular topic.

Be bold when starting a project. Use all possible options to fill the website with comments.

Tip 2. Avoid fake responses. Write texts with errors and typos in the usual conversational style. Otherwise, readers may become suspicious and stop trusting. You just need to start the discussion, and people join the conversation.

How To Create A Comfortable And Pleasant Atmosphere For Communication

The convenient location of information blocks, pleasant appearance, and intuitive use allow you to achieve the desired result. This key to your success is if the section or website has a good design and interesting topics for discussion. We have already talked about how to start an activity. Now consider what look you need and what and where to choose the website layout.

Firstly, the appearance doesn’t have to be concise and boring. If the pages have moving elements, animation, and bright colors, these factors positively affect the activity of people in the comments. Of course, the choice of color scheme and the information organization on the pages depend on the specifics of your business and the company’s needs.

However, it’s better to move away from the old forum template HTML format when people saw only boring white backgrounds and a few straight lines and frames for the question and answers.

Secondly, a well-structured discussion thread helps people find information faster. It doesn’t matter if you want to create an entire portal just for discussions or single out one section on your company website. Topic structuring should be intuitive to visitors.

Thirdly, the appearance should match the official site’s main corporate colors and style. This point refers to the situation where a particular website is created for the forum. If only a section on the company’s site is allocated for discussion, then the general design concept stores anyway.

How To Select

Choose forum template HTML with these important points in mind:

■ SEO friendly. People will search for your company portal through search engines. So, the function is needed.

■ Responsive design. People love to write comments from mobile devices. The layout should adapt to different screen sizes.

■ Ease of use. This option includes intuitive controls and easy editing with Drag and Drop. It also saves you time making settings.

■ Find many more cool functions in the layout’s description. Choose forum template HTML after reading the product description and deciding which points are needed specifically for you.

Tip 3. Buy on trusted marketplaces, for example, on TemplateMonster. This site worked on the market for many years. The guys have forum template HTML from different companies. They sell without additional commissions, make regular discounts, and have a secure system for online payments.

TOP Examples

To understand what layouts you should buy on TemplateMonster, let’s find out what the most famous commenting platforms in the world look like in general.

Discover a list of the coolest site examples to hang out with:

■ Reddit. Portal for information messages and for communication at the same time. We can call Reddit a social network because visitors can easily publish posts with pictures and videos here. Although the company positions itself as a forum. The appearance seems quite simple, and the main focus is on the content that people publish.

■ Quora. It has a very interesting form of registration and authorization. The appearance is concise (in fact, on the main page, you see only the registration form against the background of colorful pictures with little men). At the same time, it impresses with a cool background.

■ Stack overflow. Quite an interesting and colorful portal. Stack overflow has animated effects and an unusual combination of shades. Convenient registration form. The site works as a knowledge base for technical specialities. Students often go to it in search of information from experienced people.

Tip 4: Analyze your competitors, but don’t copy them. If the project becomes successful, you can take some appearance features of this portal. After analyzing competitors, you may outline the common features of the external look and try to use individual elements in your practice.

TOP Layouts

We saw all the list of ready-made layouts for sites with built-in forums on TemplateMonster. You may easily use these themes to integrate the discussion section into your official website (if it wasn’t there before) or create an entire portal for your purpose. We’ll show you examples of appearance, which help create comfortable communication and a pleasant atmosphere.


This product is versatile enough to adapt to different types of business. The appearance has a pleasant color scheme and a modern, stylish look. So, the layout is suitable for IT services, consulting, advertising, marketing, and B2B segment companies.


As the name implies, web developers created the product for the financial sector. However, thanks to the incredibly colorful and stylish color scheme, Cryptobit suit many. This offer is unique for you because there are more than 100 Demos which means you get more than 100 appearance options to choose from the list. The dark color scheme suit many businesses, including computer games.


We strongly recommend Medtab to all owners of businesses related to medicine. The pages look cool after installation, thematically, timely, and concise enough, but not boring. Many technical features make it easy to edit and customize Medtab for your purposes.


The look offered by the developer seems quite youthful, stylish, and bright. Perfect for teenagers and students. Madrasa has all modern design techniques. For example, a drop-down menu, animation, highlighting or zooming in when hovering over a block with the mouse, etc.


The cool option for car lovers. The layout has a great special style and bright colors. Video in the background adds dynamics and a special fashionable accent. And of course, Carvalley has features – SEO-optimized, responsive designs, and a drop-down menu like previous products. The Parallax effect is also a cool function in addition.

You’ll find more products by the link.

Useful Video

See, learn and implement in practice!


You can do without large investments if you consider your business development strategy in advance. Of course, certain expenses for the launch of the project are necessary. However, the budget never was so significant that you think about the feasibility of investing. To get more useful information on your topic, we advise you to read the following articles here, there, and here.


1. How to set up a forum HTML template?

The attached instructions help a lot with the settings. Consider what you want to change, find the appropriate section in the documentation, and follow the manual steps to help you make changes.

2. Will I have support for the forum website HTML template?

Yes, the developers provide the service.

3. Should I use free forum template HTML?

Of course, many want to get the free product. However, we recommend using purchased themes. After all, they look more modern, have many settings and editing options, and bonuses in free images, support, or useful and simple instructions.

4. How to choose web form template HTML?

Rely on the overall concept of your brand – its main colors, style, and logo. All these moments you should correctly combine also with the portal’s appearance.