Why Betting on the World Cup is Better Than Betting on National Leagues

By  //  August 23, 2022

Bettors will soon have the opportunity to place bets on the best national teams from around the world as they compete at the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The best World Cup odds have started going up on various bookmaker platforms because of how special Qatar 2022 is going to be.

As you prepare to analyze the odds already available and the ones to come, this article will give some insight into why you should consider betting on the World Cup matches rather than national League matches.

Qatar 2022: A special World Cup

Qatar 2022 is set to be a first-of-its-kind tournament for a number of reasons.

The first reason is its location. Qatar is widely acclaimed as a tourist destination but the nation has barely made a mark in football on the international stage. They will finally be getting their opportunity to play with the big boys at the World Cup as the hosts of the 22nd edition of the global showpiece. The second reason is its compact size. Most of the matches will be played in and around the city of Doha, the nation’s capital.

The third reason is the timing of the event. Due to the weather pattern of the host nation, Qatar, a summer World Cup would be too harsh on the players and the traveling fans. For this reason, FIFA granted a special dispensation to have the event hold in the winter months of November and December when the weather is a lot cooler.

World Cup betting vs. National leagues betting

Every World Cup year sees activity on various bookmaking platforms spike because of a number of reasons which will be highlighted in the coming sections. The reasons are also why it is a much more enjoyable experience for bettors to stake in World Cup games rather than national league games.

Odds are difficult to ignore

The World Cup is held once in four years while national leagues are year-round with a break of three to four months in total. This makes the global showpiece a lot special because there are a lot of new markets to bet upon during the World Cup than there are for national leagues.

For this reason, bookmakers will come up with a lot more juicy offers and odds that are very difficult to ignore. There will be odds on offer for squad selections for the participating national teams, odds on offer for various World Cup records (for instance, Brazil have 11 red cards, the most in the tournament and Mexico is second with nine) and even odds on offer for matchday starting XIs.

All these special odds and offers coupled with the usual ones that bookmakers offer for football matches make World Cup time a very “hot” period in the betting industry.

Time frame between games

World Cup games take place more frequently than national league matches. This is because of the tournament format and the time frame of the event.

A typical World Cup lasts for a period of 26 to 28 days and this requires games to come hard and fast. Teams only have a maximum of two days to rest before they take onto the pitch for their next encounter. National league matches, however, mostly take place during weekends.

The short time frame of World Cups compared to national leagues makes it easier for bookmakers to enjoy great patronage from their customers, as bets can be made every minute depending on the outcome of one game and the news coming out of a team’s camp in the short time they have to rest up before their next game. For national leagues, bets could be spread out and bettors could take their time to tweak as a result of a week-long observation.

This difference provides a special kind of thrill for bettors and it is the best ground to not only make some money, but to showcase your knowledge of the game. If you are a bettor who loves challenges, this is one reason why you should consider betting on World Cup matches.

Quicker payouts

Payouts during World Cups are usually quicker as a result of the games being so close to each other. This makes it easier for experienced bettors to keep staking and to also keep tabs on their bets.

High standard of officiating

Because FIFA is directly involved, World Cups have to set a standard for how football is played. Officiating is always a key focus of the world football governing body and so, they take their time to select the best of the best referees from around the world.

They also try to upgrade the technology which assists these referees during matches. Almost every innovation in football was introduced at a World Cup before its widespread adoption in various national leagues. In short, this means that there are less and less errors at every World Cup game than there are in the national leagues, who sometimes take a few years to adopt a new technology or officiating method seen at a World Cup.

This also makes it very interesting to bet on officiating decisions such as yellow and red cards, offsides, goals, and so on. It is also riskier and promises good returns for bettors who enjoy taking risks.