Why Business Should Use Reverse ETL

By  //  August 1, 2022

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No matter what industry you work in, every company is always looking for ways to grow. Growth occurs through innovation. In today’s global digital landscape so much business is conducted around collected data. Data can be mined and shared through emails, form submissions, CRM systems, surveys, and spreadsheets. So many spreadsheets.

The struggle with mining and sharing data from all different sources is that it is a full time job just making the data accessible.

Many companies have to hire full time experts to make the data sensible to present to customers. This method is time consuming and costly. But it needs to be done to go above and beyond for your customers, providing them with all the necessary information to conduct the best business possible. What if there was another way? What if there was a way to cut out the middle man, the data specialists? Luckily, there is an alternative. You will definitely want to consider Reverse Extract Transform Load, more commonly known as Reverse ETL.

Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is Reverse ETL? Put simply, it is a process where information from data warehouses, data lata, or data lake houses copy and sync data. This process of copying data can be used for many different aspects of your business including marketing, sales, support, and growth.

Reverse ETL has become increasingly popular within the last few years because it allows your business to translate information from massive data storage. This method saves a lot of time! Different departments throughout your company will be able to access their needed data efficiently!

This is an important process to consider using in your business. One of the many reasons why Reverse ETL is important is because it is becoming more common practice for companies to use data warehouse systems. To provide the best business to your customers you need to be up to date on how the digital landscape is changing for how companies conduct business with each other.

These data warehouses are important because they are deeply connected to business intelligence and internal data analysis. It cannot be stressed enough that data warehouses take a lot of effort to maintain. 

Entire IT departments could be tasked with managing the warehouses making sure to provide regular support, growth, preservation, and renovations. Plus, these systems require frequent updates. As you can see, maintaining data warehouses is not only a lot of work but incredibly paramount to constructing business today.

Reverse ETL plays a major role here because the information stored in your data warehouse is very inaccessible to anyone who cannot write SQL. Reverse ETL makes your data accessible. During the reverse ETL process your data is taken from your data warehouse and transcribed into legible sources of information that can be used and read by anyone in the company. This eliminates the need for full time technician specialists.

There are some additional benefits that Reverse ETL can provide your business with. Think of Reverse ETL as a toolkit. Reverse ETL efficiently processes data ingestion quickly, provides accurate deployments, and leverages open source technologies. Additionally, it can make using legacy systems easier. Legacy tools are outdated. However, to update your systems you absolutely need a fast working data pipeline.

This pipeline must be able to read and use new applications. All of these updates will allow your business the opportunity to invest in more and growing technologies. You will need these updates if your company wishes to use AI and machine learning.

Another benefit your company will reap if you use Reverse ETL is managing your data silos. Data silos can really strain data workflow in your company. This is because data silos do not share their collected data throughout different departments. This prohibits collected data from being easily accessible.

When data is inaccessible it sits and becomes useless if not mined in a timely manner. Your business definitely needs access to all its collected data if you wish to provide the best customer experience. Reverse ETL allows your business to create 360 degree views for all of your customers!

A customer’s 360 degree view refers to the complete picture of their experience with another company. In industry terms this is called a single end to end journey. Understanding this journey is very important to customers. It allows the customers to check in with progress at every step of the way which allows business to be conducted smoothly. You need to be able to access all of your data to provide an accurate 360 degree view to your customers! You will need to implement Reverse ETL to achieve this.

Furthermore, data silos are very unstable and unreliable. Continuously using them can result in losing precious data. When implementing Reverse ETL it prevents this from happening by taking the data collected and stored in data silos and creates a new format.

This new format is accessible and easy to read. Lastly, another major benefit of using Reverse ETL is this process provides you with a comprehensible 360 degree customer view. Reverse ETL allows you to easily monitor your churn. Churn is something more and more companies are looking out for and are finding solutions to prevent it. Do not let this opportunity pass you and your team by. By implementing Reverse ETL your business will save time and money while producing excellent customer service!