Why Should Students Learn Politics?

By  //  October 24, 2022

The world, as we all know, revolves around politics. Every decision that affects the public is based on it. This makes it extremely important for everyone to be knowledgeable of politics regardless of age.

One may argue that the youth should be kept away from it, but given that they are the world’s future, they should be taught about politics from a young age. Any decision that impacts your life directly or indirectly calls for you to have a say in it.

We elect representatives at various political levels to be our voices, however, to elect them, we must have the right knowledge of the electoral process and politics within the country, among other things. Sometimes even adults fail to wisely choose their representatives.

When students, who are future voters, learn about politics, they can make an informed choice during elections. Moreover, when a country has an aware and politically active youth, it can be assured that the future of the country is in the right hands.

When every citizen of a country, including students, is aware of their rights as a citizen, democracy is said to thrive. If you still are not convinced as to why students should learn about politics, we have you covered. In this article, we have explained why every student should know about politics and how students learning politics is beneficial to them and the world at large.

1. Students are the future

The values children learn at school not only benefit them but the world too, for they are its future. They are the ones who will soon grow up and take charge of running the world, either by being a part of the government themselves or choosing one. If they are taught about how important politics is for having a just world, it can help the world progress in a much better way. Students are impressionable and what they learn at their school and home is what defines their adulthood and, by extension, our tomorrow. For this reason, they must know how to navigate this world and make the right decisions for everyone.

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2. Gives them a voice

In a fair society, everyone has a voice. Society progresses only when people are aware of their voice. Having a voice lets you express your opinions freely and gives you the power to make a difference. When students are encouraged to have political discussions, they learn about social issues deeply and understand the importance of individual participation in society.

3. Expands creativity and thinking skills

Every parent wants their child to be informed and wise. It is equally important to know how you can use your voice for good as it is to know you have one. Learning about the functioning of society, politics, its history, and various political belief systems/ideologies allows students to broaden their knowledge and get new perspectives. It also ensures that students form their own opinions and actively partake in the betterment of the people around them.

Students may also study politics at the university level and significantly expand their knowledge in the field. There are many renowned universities around the world offering political courses that can give you the required boost in your potential political career. However, if you plan to go abroad for studies, do not forget to take international health insurance, for you may not how expensive healthcare could be in the foreign country you are going to study.

4. Prepares you for adult life

Everyone’s existence depends upon politics, and our lives are intertwined with political and social issues. It may, therefore, not be a good idea to detach yourself from politics. You still wonder why?

■ Adult life can be challenging at times, and it can become difficult to navigate this space with little to no knowledge of the political and social world.

■ When students, before reaching the age of voting, possess at least basic knowledge of politics and government, they can make informed decisions.

■ Political decisions should be made without any influence from popular opinion or media representation.

■ It equips students with the mindset to have productive conversations.

■ It not only helps one what to think but also how to think.

Nowadays, there is a huge possibility of gadgets and the internet impacting one’s decision- whether made in the context of a political scenario or otherwise. Uninformed youth especially suffers from this. This can dilute the independence of voting as a vote given under the influence of a third party or a person does not belong to you. Therefore, it is advisable that students are attentive enough not to get swayed by what the majority says.

Final Words

Politics plays a major role in shaping the world. Whether it is a child or an adult, every person should be encouraged to actively take part in politics. An informed youth is important for a vibrant democracy.

Only when students know about political issues can they work towards solving them. Keeping students away from politics can make them disengaged from society and make them elect the wrong representatives. To ensure that the world is in the right hands, our students should be politically aware. Moreover, involving students in political conversations at home and school can help them to realize their role in society. All in all, politics belongs in the classroom and beyond.

Author: Michael Carr

Michael Carr is a proficient writer and a politics enthusiast. His expertise involves writing quality essays, articles, blog posts, and reports. He has also aided school students in learning about politics. Michael likes engaging in political debates and discussions with his friends. The majority of the time when he is not engaged in his work, he can be found watching the news on TV or on the Internet.