A Step By Step Guide to Prime and Break in a New Coil

By  //  November 11, 2022

It is important to know about the vape coils for new vapers and how you can prime them. When you don’t prime your coil, you can enjoy your vaping experience, and most new vapers do the same, and then they complain that they are not enjoying vaping.

When the coil in your vape device is not primed, you may get a dry hit, leaving a bad image of vaping in your mind. 

It is very important to know how to prime your coil because replacing a coil with the new one can affect your financial budget. You can only get an excellent vaping experience with the prime vape coil.

Some Famous coil brands are Smok Coils, Innokin, Geekvape and Voopoo Coils. Every paper doesn’t need to prime the coil. If you are using replaceable cartridges and pod mods, you don’t need to prime or prepare them because they don’t require priming. 

Most adult smokers prefer Mig Cig e-cigarette kits, like cigarettes and Ulta nicotine cartridges. Mig cig e-cigarette kits are easy to use and don’t require priming; if you use mods with refillable tanks or RDAs, you must learn how to prime a coil. If you are fond of thick clouds, then you need to know the priming process because you can make thick clouds if your coil is not primed.

How To Prime A Vape Coil: 

If you use a mod with refillable tanks, you should prime the vape coil in this device. Most people ask this question why is it necessary to prime the coil? It is essential to prime your coil because your whole vaping experience depends on this.

If you don’t prime your coil, you can get a burn hit, affecting your vaping experience. The vaper who loves thick clouds must learn how they can prime the coils. Priming the vape coil is not difficult; you can easily prime your coil. This process is a bit technical, but after reading this blog, you can easily prime your Vape coil.

Step By Step Process: 

■ Adjust a new coil in the tank base 

■ Put drops of e-liquid on top of the coil direct into the wick

■ Put some drops of e-liquid in the cotton

■ Fuse the vape tank

■ Add vape liquid to the tank

■ Wait ten minutes to allow the wick fully saturated

How To Break In Vape Coils: 

Breaking in vape coils is very simple, and you can learn this in a few seconds. Breaking in a new coil is the same as warming up your car on a cold winter morning. The whole process of breaking in a vape coil is explained in the bullets below.

Step By Step Process:  

■ When you start vaping, keep the wattage at the lowest setting 

■ Take a few short puffs 

■ Increase the wattage 

■ Take three more puffs 

■ Increase the wattage by 5 watts

■ Repeat the gradual increase in wattage until you reach the desired power setting.   


Priming your vape coil is necessary for an excellent vaping experience. People using the mod with refillable tanks should learn the priming process. If your coil is not prime, you can’t produce thick clouds.