3 Tips When Prepping for Background Check

By  //  January 20, 2023

Background checks are an essential part of the hiring process.

An employee or potential employee may underestimate the importance of background checks, but these processes can unearth important information for an employer.

From one’s credit score to entire work history, a thorough background check will reveal a lot about the person applying for a position. 

With that in mind, how can you prepare for a background check? Today we hope to help you enter the right headspace before undergoing a thorough background check and get through the process either unscathed or even looking better in the wake of one!

1. Know Your History

Do not underestimate how thorough a background check could end up being. A smart employer will employ a thorough background check provider like ScoutLogic to do it for them.

The services provided by these companies will ensure that employers have access to comprehensive information about a job applicant.

As the candidate, you can also be ready for that. The first step is to do your own research on yourself with the best background check in advance.

Researching yourself may sound odd, but it’s a critical step. For example, items like your credit history will matter if you are applying for a position in finance or defense contracting.

You can prepare for this stage by researching your credit score before an employer does it for you. 

Knowing what a well-done deep dive into your criminal, employment, and credit history may reveal can allow you ample opportunity to investigate any shocking surprises and otherwise prepare for what the employer will find out soon enough. 

2. Be Bold and Disclose

Life happens. Sometimes something will occur to you that if someone reads it in an emotionless report might sound bad but wouldn’t be so offputting with proper context.

Such negative items can range from gaps in employment to odd credit scores that don’t show you at your best. 

You can counter potential adverse items by being bold and explaining why a red flag appeared on your background check. Honesty goes a long way towards revealing the kind of employee you would be and reminding employers of their humanity. It also is better for you to explain something than for a report to reveal it, even if it looks or sounds bad devoid of context. 

3. Prepare for Inaccuracies

Inaccuracies can happen in a background check. Part of the importance of self-research is to give you time to investigate any inaccurate information. 

Errors in background checks can happen for various reasons, such as identity theft. Preparation is essential here, and it’s worth knowing your rights when employers look into your background. 

If you can research and learn that there are inaccuracies in your report, you gain vital time that will allow you to prepare an explanation for an employer or interviewer.

This time is critical and may allow you to gain critical points in an application process or even salvage a key job opportunity altogether. 


Preparing for a background check turns something nerve-wracking into an opportunity. Opportunities to make yourself stand out as a potential employee are key, allowing you to leap ahead of the competition.

Being bold can take you far when you are searching for employment!