Esperio Broker Reviews: Use your Knowledge to Earn

By  //  January 25, 2023

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The choice of account type is an important decision for a trader who starts trading with Esperio online broker.

The account type can have a significant impact on trading profits.

Pay attention to the following points when choosing an account:

Spreads and commissions. Spreads can change their value during the day depending on the supply and demand for the asset. Knowing and understanding these conditions’ parameters will help you keep the money earned on transactions.

Esperio offers its clients trading accounts with net spreads from liquidity providers from 0 points. No withdrawal fees are charged, but a minimum fee for performing trading operations depends on the trading instrument.

Trade routing. Each trader can open an account with ECN (Electronic Communication Network) routing in Esperio. Here all transactions are sent directly to the interbank market, allowing brokers to trade directly with liquidity providers without intermediaries.

Trading platform. Esperio offers its clients to work on the most popular trading platform in the world among traders — MetaTrader. The broker’s clients use MetaTrader 4.0 and 5.0. Both platforms have the same features:

  • Indicators and charting tools.
  • Market data in real-time.
  • Volatility protection settings.
  • Advisors for automatic trading strategies.
  • Mobile trading.
  • Ability to integrate a trading account.

However, there are also some differences.

Now let’s talk about each type of trading account.

MT5 ECN: limitless opportunities with Esperio broker

Looking at the account’s name, it is clear that it is available only on MetaTrader 5. Each Esperio client who opens this type of account receives a 100% bonus on the deposit. You can open an account in US dollars and euros. ECN technology provides direct access to interbank liquidity.

Also, the advantages of this type of account include high speed and Market Execution transactions. The size of the commission for trading operations differs for various assets:

  • currency pairs, metals, energy resources, stock indices — 0.007% per lot;
  • US and EU securities — 0.1% per lot;
  • cryptocurrencies — 0.3% per lot.

The spread on MT5 ECN is floating, and its value depends on the type of instrument and a number of other conditions, but cannot be lower than 0.2 pips.

The account allows you to trade different volumes from 0.01 lots (the so-called odd lots). You reduce the risk and can more accurately adjust the volume of opened trading positions to the size of your deposit by trading an odd lot.

It’s practical and convenient. Users can leverage up to 1:500, and Margin Call and Stop Out is 60% and 20%, respectively. 

Esperio broker: First on investment

If you want to invest exactly the amount of money that you have, without resorting to leverage, then this type of account will be optimal. At your disposal: MetaTrader 5, Market Execution, over 500 assets (metals, stocks, ETFs, indices, cryptocurrencies).

No commission is charged for withdrawing funds. Commission fee for trading operations:

  • indices, metals – 0.007%;
  • stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies – 0.03%.

An attractive condition is tight spreads from 0 pips and the ability to use different volumes in transactions from 0.01 pips. The currencies of the account are the US dollar and the euro. Margin Call and Stop Out – 100% and 10% respectively.

Esperio Cent: a unique diversity

Cent account on MT4 and MT5 is an ideal solution for beginner traders and those who want to test their trading strategies in actual trading. Why is it suitable for these purposes?

  1. The account is denominated in dollars and euros, but here you can open an account literally for a few cents (or euro cents). A $100 deposit is displayed as 1.000 cents on your account. This is very convenient if you want to avoid risk with a large amount.
  2. The broker can support your initial small investment with considerable leverage (up to 1:1000).
  3. If you use a cent account on the MT5 platform, the number of trading orders is not limited, and you can try any configuration. This option allows up to 500 orders at the same time on MT4.
  4. The broker can provide the swap-free option at your request. It means no interest charges for transferring positions to the next trading day.

Esperio Standard: the choice of the majority

In many Esperio Forex reviews, the most popular MT4 account is the Standard account. There is a Margin Call and Stop Out — 60% and 20%, respectively, Market Execution, no withdrawal fees, spread from 0 points, swap-free option, and 1:1000 leverage like in the cent account.

An additional plus is a bonus for trading for opening an account in 100% of the replenishment. The account allows you to work with any assets except ETFs.

Remember: choosing a trading account depends on your characteristics and preferences. Every Esperio account is different, so traders have multiple accounts for various purposes.