Let’s Talk About the Shape and Material of the Pizza Boxes

By  //  January 27, 2023

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Ever wonder why pizza boxes are square? 

The Story Behind Square Pizza Boxes  

This shape has been around since the 1960s. Earlier, people sold food items in cardboard boxes or paper bags without thinking much about shape and form. However, when a New Haven-based family in Connecticut started using square boxes for delivery, it quickly became a trend, with other shops following suit. 

Why square? As time passed, square design became the go to for aesthetic and functional reasons. The specific design allowed sellers to arrange their products easily on shelves.

Customers also found it convenient to carry pizza in this box. It freed their mind from the risk of spilling and squashing associated with paper bags or other designs. Due to this, the square shape became a staple. 

Do you still wonder why pizza makers prefer this design? One of their fundamental reasons is the ease of packaging and shipping. You can arrange and store them conveniently. During transit, the food inside the box doesn’t move. Who wants the toppings on their pizza to slide off the crust?

Also, it makes it easier to slice portions effortlessly from all corners.  All these factors make square pizza boxes popular in the industry. Plus, delivery partners can more efficiently adjust square boxes than round boxes in their vehicles. 

The addition of branding and printing allowed for customized pizza boxes. This helped pizza places gain a bigger presence in their markets. Their logos and tag lines were spread farther in the market every time a customer took one home.  

Pizza Box Material  

Industry experts say corrugated material is best for any pizza box. It provides durability and insulation. 

The insulation provided by cardboard pizza boxes allows the food items to stay warm for a little longer than others. Due to this, it allows pizza place the ability to send a pizza to longer distant locations without compromising taste. 

Besides its durability, another trait that adds to its popularity is recyclability or environmental friendliness.

Liners within the boxes use food-grade paper, which is also lightweight and can have a clay or wax coating to avoid moisture and oil issues.

On the other hand, the fluted or ridged design adds to the boxes’ strength, making them easy to carry, store, or deliver. Also, it helps with insulation more, keeping the content warm for a good time.

Making Your Box Unique

Stand out in the market. Customize the pizza box with your color, brand, and tag lines. 

Another critical decision is the size selection. 14 and 18 inches are standard picks. However, if you make smaller portions, you may need small boxes for packaging. Find out a supplier who offers a fantastic range of sizes. For instance, you should be able to order a 10-inch or an 18-inch box. It enables you to experiment with the size of your pizza dish. You can add more size options to your pizza to target customer needs. 

Running any business requires thoughtful considerations in all areas. Want to experiment with the menu? Find a supplier that can help you with the presentation. Selecting the right box can be important and make a difference in how you are seen in the market. You will want someone who can design the boxes to your specifications and ship them on time without your involvement. 

It’s essential to partner with the right vendors. They free up your mind and allow you to focus on the other important aspects of running your business.