4 Common Types of Attorneys

By  //  February 23, 2023

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Did you know that the word attorney has French origins, and means acting on the behalf of others?

Don’t mistake an attorney with a lawyer, though. An attorney is a legal expert who has passed the bar exam and can practice law for their clients, while lawyers are only graduates from law school. To the surprise of some, there are many different types of attorneys.

Attorneys often branch out and represent specific fields of law. However, most attorneys are likely to fall into a few very common practice areas.

Keep reading as we discuss the four most common types of attorneys.

  1. The Types of Attorneys That Deal with the IRS: Tax Attorneys

Anyone who has lived in the United States is well aware that our tax laws are notoriously complex. They are so complex that ordinary citizens often need to hire somebody else to do them. Whether an everyday citizen or a large corporation, messing up your taxes can get you in big trouble.

Attorneys work in cases between the IRS and taxpayers. They may deal with investigations or lawsuits relating to tax fraud or tax evasion.

  1. Malpractice Attorneys

If our complicated tax system wasn’t enough, we have an equally complicated healthcare system. Healthcare is not only expensive but risky. Doctors can do a poor job and lead to a malpractice case.

Attorneys help individuals and organizations to pursue compensation for malpractice.

  1. Personal Injury Attorneys

Not all physical harm happens due to a negligent doctor. It can also happen as a result of the negligence of individuals and companies. For example, many personal injury claims are from employees who suffered injuries in their line of work.

Personal injury is quite complicated because it is difficult to establish blame. A lawyer for a truck accident case will have to gather all kinds of evidence to determine if the company was at fault and secure compensation.

  1. Criminal Defense Attorney

Any time the police pull you into a room for interrogation, you should say only one thing: “I want my lawyer.” Our Constitution gives us the right to legal representation and fair trial. Criminal defense attorneys fight on behalf of people from all walks of life.

Whether these are petty thefts or homicides, it is an attorney’s job to ensure their client has a fair chance. Attorneys will fight for their client even if their client is clearly in the wrong. Without criminal defense attorneys, we would live in a terrifying, draconian society with arbitrary punishment.

Find an Attorney for Your Case Today

Attorneys are experts in the law, but even they need to have a specialty to understand niche areas. There are many different types of attorneys, but the majority of them tend to work in the same broad categories. From malpractice attorneys to criminal defense attorneys, these are vital parts of our democracy and freedom.

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