Guide: How To Style Hair Wraps

By  //  February 1, 2023

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For some people, hair plays a major part in their body ethos and confidence. And to have it in place is an important routine practice for most. 

However, there are multiple issues to deal with when it comes to hair, and one might look at many possibilities to find the best solution for their hair problems. 

Hair wraps rescue those who worry about keeping their hair safe, especially when they’re thick and long. 

Using wraps involves smoothing loose strands of hair, brushing it, and wrapping it with something that holds the strands tight and keeps them in place.  

Hair wraps come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose the wraps you want to work with on any particular day. Styling them would also depend on what you pick based on your preferences.

Several people ask about how to style wraps. It is a common misconception that hair wrapping will make one lose out on their style quotient and make their hair look less desirable. 

That’s unlikely because hair wrapping is a unique style in itself.

While it may look like it needs a lot of effort and time, with the correct style sense and tools, one wouldn’t have to spend much time styling them!

To make things easier and to put your worries at rest, here’s a guide to how one can style hair wraps to make them look absolutely perfect!

How To Style Ponytail Wraps?

Look polished and stylish with a ponytail hair wrap.

It’s super easy to style ponytail wraps. It is much like tying your natural hair into a ponytail, except in this case, you would add another layer of hair to your natural hair. 

Styling ponytail hair wraps doesn’t take much time. 

All you need is some effort and minimal time for absolutely amazing results. So what do you do to place the ponytail wraps perfectly? 

  1. Comb Your Natural Hair Out

The first step in styling your ponytail wraps would be to comb your natural hair so that the ends are smoothened before you can blend in the ponytail wraps with your natural hair. 

  1. Tie Them Up Into A Ponytail 

Tie your natural hair into a ponytail like in routine, everyday life. This includes tying it up into a low-lying ponytail using a regular rubber band. 

You should use the rubber band of the color that matches your hair color so that it blends smoothly with your natural hair. 

  1. Twist The Ponytail Hair Wrap Around Your Natural Hair

The third step includes twisting the ponytail hair wrap around the ponytail you have made with your natural hair. 

You would do this by twisting a rubber band around your hair to tie them up. This would make the ponytail hair wrap sit perfectly over your natural hair, causing them to blend naturally.

  1. Adjust The Length 

The next step would be to adjust the length of the ponytail hair wraps. This would depend much on the height you have tied your natural hair. 

You can adjust this by changing the height of your natural hair tied up in a ponytail. 

  1. Style It Up Using Accessories 

The next step involves styling up your ponytail hair wrap using hair accessories. You could use any and every hair accessory that you like. 

The ponytail hair wraps stay fitted into your hair with the help of butterfly clips, which also look great on your hair otherwise.

Now that you know how to style your hair wraps, here are a few looks you can easily achieve with them:

Create The Perfect Curly Look

  1. Curly hair wraps for a gorgeous look.

When working with curled hair wraps, one must ensure that the wrap used sets perfectly on their natural hair. This will ensure that the hair wrap adds instant curls to the existing hair, giving the perfect curly look. 

These wraps can be used when you want voluminous hair paired with the perfect attire. 

  1. Casual, Breezy Ponytail Look

If the aim is to go for a chic, casual and breezy look, pouf-up pony hair wraps would be a great choice! 

These wraps add an instant bounce to your head and your personality! Now that is something to look out for and want, right!?

  1. Longer Flowing Ponytail Look

For those who love to sport a longer hairpiece down their back, hair wraps that look like flowing ponytails would do a great job! 

These instantly add wavy lengths to your existing hair and increase the style quotient manifold. These wraps look classy and give one an instant dose of confidence. 

  1. Straight ponytail wraps for a simple yet bold look

Another amazing tip for styling hair wraps is to use a lengthy ponytail clip-on. These act as hair wraps for one’s natural hair and add instant length and volume. 

These wraps could be a perfect choice if someone wants to forgo styling their hair using curly hair wraps. They can be styled well for official client meetings and office get-togethers. 

These wraps give the perfect straight-finish lengthy look to the best of one’s desires!

  1. Messy Bun Look

For those who desire a messy bun look, these wraps settle perfectly on the bun one would create with their natural hair. 

As their name suggests, their spikey look gives the perfect feel of a messy bun, which would go perfectly with one’s casual attire, be it a day out grocery shopping or a casual lunch with your friends. 

Wearing these atop your natural hair would add instant volume to someone’s bun and give them the desired messy bun look. 

  1. Bell-Bottom Ponytail Look

Bell-bottom ponytail styles are the new cool! 

They give the natural hair a medium length and fall on one’s shoulders like a perfect canopy. These hair wraps are spread out from the bottom and are tied up tightly at the top. 

They look amazing and are a perfect ten on your styling quotient. 

  1. Wrap Braids With Scarves 

This is a unique option if you want to style your hair with wraps. 

These wraps include a braid and a scarf intertwined with the braid. The scarves are 100% washable and give your hair a perfect look while adding color to your hairstyle.

  1. Braided Headband Style 

Another amazing way to make a style statement is to use hair wraps attached to a headband. They settle well on your head and make your hair look natural while also being styled with colorful printed headbands. 

Going by Paula Young®’s collection of hair wraps with headbands; this would be a horizontal head wrap that would make for a perfect crown structure over your natural hair. This is one of the must-go for wraps!


As one would now see, the options are limitless! It can be a wide choice for someone to pick one particular hair wrap style. 

Moreover, styling hair wraps are easy and effective, contrary to popular belief. All one needs is to perfectly let the hair wraps settle on their head and blend in with their natural hair, and they are good to go!

Paula Young® offers a variety if you are looking for quality hair wraps. Curly, wavy, and straight hair wraps, all under one roof! 

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