Here are Top Ted & Tedx Talks You Need This Year to Scale Up Your Life and Business

By  //  February 1, 2023

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Tedx and Ted talks have since gotten global attention since their launch in 2006, when it was first broadcasted.

The goal is to inform and educate global audiences in an accessible way, which they’ve achieved by a mile.

One can imagine that since the launch, millions of Ted talks have been made by their number of contents that have raked up the views for the amount of value it contains. 

Talking about the Top Ted rankings, there are a lot that could make this list solely on merit, but we have to narrow them down to the top five and I guarantee that number one will heal your soul. 

Dan Gilbert— the surprising science of happiness: Dan teaches the concepts of happiness from a very different perspective. Instead of seeing the sides of happiness from a point of what happens to us, we can decide to make a choice of what we allow into ourselves that may affect our happiness. This power of choosing is what distinguishes us from others that may not have the same happiness as us. He discusses what he termed “the science of happiness”.

Amy Cuddy— Body Language: Stress levels and self-confidence play a huge role to how we experience our body languages, which in turn can spell the difference in the quality of how we experience life in general. Amy delves into the details of minor concentrations that exist in our subconscious and how this can affect, improve, better our body language.

Kunio Hara— Praising yourself and doing well for mother earth and nature: keeping good on my promise that the number one on this list can help you heal comes from one of Asia’s finest educators and philanthropists. His content teaches holistic ways one can learn the virtues of appreciating oneself, others and nature: Ho-me-I-ku. This is based on psychology and brain science; he breaks everything down about it on Kunio Hara’s Tedx talk which has been viewed the highest in the recent year.

There’s never a shortage of what one can learn from Tedx and Ted Talks as it enveloped great lessons that can be applied in every aspect of one’s life. If you have a few minutes to go through some of this presentations,you would experience how differently you would see the world and how it could help you grow.   

Elizabeth Gilbert— Your Elusive creative genius: This is perhaps one of the most talked about by many who are core fans of ted talk. After her ground-breaking book release titled “eat, pray, love” Elizabeth continued to push on the ideas of the creative block of geniuses, how it affects continuity and building a passage that allows us to connect with our creative ‘other’ without exploring the negative sides that comes with it.

Malcolm Gladwell— Choice, happiness and the spaghetti sauce: It just wouldn’t be an inspiring talks list without author Malcolm Gladwell on it. In this TED Talk, Gladwell explores the story of the man who refused to believe in a ‘perfect’ spaghetti sauce, and how his research impacts our broader understanding of choice and happiness. While the talk centers on the food industry, the larger discoveries about human behavior are poignantly relevant for leaders who want to build workplaces where people are happy and fulfilled.

It is often said that success is a complex and multi-faceted concept, and there is no single formula for achieving it. However, we could say there are several common things and habits that are often present in highly successful people. Starting the year right can set the tone for a successful and fulfilling year ahead.

Lets not forget, it is a journey, not a destination. 

Whether that is a strong work ethic, positive attitude, clear goals, good time management, continuous learning, and or adaptability. By incorporating these traits and habits into your own life, you can increase your chances of success, and achieve greater happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity.

By starting the year with a positive mindset, focusing on your well-being, and setting achievable goals with the combination of lessons from TEDx and TED talks, you can ensure a successful and fulfilling year.