What is Fingerboarding? How to Get Started? Read to Know!

By  //  February 24, 2023

Do you know the word “Fingerboarding?” Are you aware of what this word relates to and what sport it is? If not, nothing is worth worrying about; you’ve landed at the right place.

Fingerboarding is a popular sport that includes a fingerboard, and it is played with two fingers. Players use their index and middle finger to perform various tricks, including ollie, nollie, Wallie, kickflip, etc. Some fingerboarding contests are held for the players (typically millennials & Gen-Z).

So, let’s dive deeper into this blog and learn about fingerboarding, What is Fingerboarding, and how to get started with it?

What is Fingerboarding?

Fingerboarding is one of the most popular, active, and vibrant finger sports in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Generally, it is played with a professional fingerboard, or one can assemble a fingerboard of their choice. Millions of folks love fingerboarding, and numerous contests, fairs, and fingerboarding workshops are being run all across the globe.

A fingerboard is a scaled-down replica of the real skateboard, which a person rides using his two fingers, usually the middle and index fingers. The fingerboard has all the components you get in a skateboard, including the premium fingerboard trucks, decks, wheels, bushings, bearings, etc.

With a fingerboard, you can perform all the tricks and flips on your desk that you used to do on a skateboard using your feet. Usually, people prefer performing flips and gags on a fingerboard that’s 3.9 inches long and between 1-1.3 inches wide. Do you know how fingerboarding evolved into a real sport? Let’s look at the past!

History of Fingerboard

The fingerboard was not a thing until the late 1960s. This year, the first fingerboard was built and later became a novelty attached to keychains in most skate shops. Then, in the 1980s, they were seen as more than keychain attachments. Over the past few decades, the fingerboard has become more advanced, and their quality and rideability have become more advanced.

Now, fingerboarding can be seen on every social media platform, including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. On all these platforms, fingerboarders introduce new ways of playing and enjoying this sport. In addition, you can find various fingerboard providers online and some websites to build your fingerboard with your graphics.

Steps to Get Started with Fingerboarding

To start fingerboarding, you need to buy a fingerboard that flaunts your personality and seems attractive. The fingerboarding must have high-quality parts, including a premium fingerboard truck, premium fingerboard deck, and premium fingerboard wheels.

Additionally, you must check if the fingerboard is rideable, so you can perform various tricks and flips using it. Do you know the tricks that you can do as a beginner? Here are some:-

  • Ollie: You need no ramps or obstacles to perform an ollie. Place your index finger toward the tail and the middle finger on the bottom to accomplish this trick. Pop the board and lift the front of the board. Use your index finger to lift the fingerboard in the air. While the board is in the air, control your wrist position and ensure it lands on both wheels simultaneously.
  • Nollie: This trick is similar to ollie; however, the one significant difference while performing it is; you have to pop the nose of the fingerboard using your front finger. To learn more about nollie and other tricks, you can watch some videos and learn those tricks hassle-free.

Practice is your key to success in becoming a pro in fingerboarding. Keep practicing, learn more tricks, and win!

Final Verdict

A lot of people ask, “What is fingerboarding?” It’s a real sport that players are passionate about. Even skateboarders love fingerboarding during their leisure time. However, it has not got the global recognition that others sports have. So, if you’re also blank about fingerboarding, this article is for you; give this write-up a read.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now understand what fingerboarding is and how you become a pro at it.