2 Ways How to Add an Audiobook to iPhone

By  //  March 10, 2023

Transferring files from one device to another has become essential as you use multiple devices and gadgets for multiple purposes.

However, the smartest features and functions of your smart iPhone happen to be a multitasker when it comes to exploring the different benefits of different gadgets in one device. 

 You can do anything through your iPhone, from watching your favorite video to listening to your favorite audiobook. So, while following the simple two options of how to import audiobooks to apple books to iPhone, you can enjoy the magic of words anytime, anywhere.

However, before getting into the steps, you must know why you must add audiobooks to your iPhone.

Why do you need to add audiobooks to the iPhone? 

When the conventional ways of reading books give you pleasure at pass time, why do you even need audiobooks on your iPhone? Before answering the question, ask yourself when you last read your favorite book. If you are still thinking, stop thinking and start listening with a single click on your iPhone. Here you go with the basic reasons to add audiobooks to your iPhone. 

  • It saves time and energy from manual book reading. 
  • It gives rest to your eyes.
  • With your phone, you can listen to your favorite books anytime, anywhere.
  • You don’t have to carry the physical book with you.
  • You can store as many books as you want on your phone.
  • With M4B file format saving on your iPhone, you can start listing exactly where you stopped your audiobook.
  • Smart & easy way to carry your entire library in your portable iPhone.
  • It’s simple to share your favorite audiobook with your friends or others.

2 Ways to add audiobooks to the iPhone?

When it comes to following multiple steps and instructions, less is always more. You will get the two simple and sorted methods to add an audiobook to your iPhone without iTunes since iTunes has been discontinued in MacOS Catalina. So, let’s see the two methods with steps.

Method 1: How to import audiobooks to apple books iPhone with WALTR PRO 

If you are an iPhone user because of your personal preferences, security aspects, or professional requirement, you have likely found it challenging to transfer different types of files to your iPhone from other devices. 

And it happens because you are not using the smartest option of file transferring & converting feature to iPhone, iPad, or iPod of WALTR PRO. So, let’s see how this software works to make your audiobook-adding process to iPhone hassles free and smooth.


  • It supports a simple drag & drop option to import any file in this software. 
  • It works on both Windows & Mac platforms.
  • It supports all the major & common file formats.
  • It works as a 3-in-one tool for converting files to Mac, pushing files to iPhone/iPad, and adding files to Apple Music.
  • It helps you to edit metadata & cover art.
  • You can copy any audio or video file to your device without full synchronization.
  • It offers multiple file transfer options in one go.

Audiobook importing steps for iPhone 

Step 1: First, you must install the WALTR PRO software on the Windows or Mac PC and open it on your system. You must connect your iPhone to your system through a USB cable.

Step 2: Each time you want to transfer your favorite audiobook to the iPhone, you must use the wi-fi to connect your iPhone and computer.

Step 3: On your Windows PC, you can drag the file on your computer, or you can open the “Finder” option. After that, drag the audio file and drop it into the WALTR software. 

Step 4: The audiobook file will be transferred to your iPhone or any other iOS device within a few seconds. After that, you are good to go with your audiobooks to enjoy on your iPhone. 

Method 2: How to add audiobooks to iPhone through Finder  

If you want to find the most authentic and hassle-free option of how to import audiobooks to apple books iPhone from your Mac computer, using “Finder” is the best option since after the discontinuation of iTunes on MacOS Catalina, Finder does all the device backups and data synchronization. So, let’s see the audio file transferring steps. 

Step 1: You should connect your iPhone to your Mac computer through USB/USB C cable.

Step 2: Head to the finder option on your Mac PC. Next, select your iPhone from the Finder slider bar. 

Step 3: Go for the “Audiobooks” option from the bottom options bar. Opt for “Sync audiobook onto ( Your iPhone Name). You can go for “the sync all audiobooks” or the selected ones.

Step 4: To start the synchronization of your audiobooks, you should select the tickbox. Now, all audiobooks are synced to be transferred from your Mac PC to your iPhone.


How to add audiobooks to the iPhone via iTunes 

Install the new version of iTunes on the system> connect iPhone to PC via USB> run iTune> hit device icon > select “Audiobook” > “Sync audiobook”> choose the content you want to transfer> “Apply.”

How to manage your audiobook on your iPhone?

Head to the Book app> click on the “Audiobook” at the bottom> here, you can get a new & featured audiobook. Tap the Browse section to browse the genre & bookstore section. Go for the search option to locate any specific audiobook.

What are the benefits of listing Audiobooks on the iPhone?

  • Best for multitasking while listening to audiobooks
  • It gives the narrator’s expressions to your listening 
  • Opportunity to learn new languages 
  • It helps to manage time & lets you include reading in your busy schedule 
  • It helps to develop listening skills in children 

Final Feed 

If you are a bookworm and want an option to get an instant boost of your favorite novel, series, or short stories, try any of these methods of how to import audiobooks to Apple books iPhone.

Apart from listing stories, you can also use this option for your professional use to listen to your board meetings, any business conference, etc.

So, it’s time to turn your iPhone into the most portable library for your flexible book reading through audiobooks.