5 Gun Display Ideas To Showcase Your Collection

By  //  March 7, 2023

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As a gun owner, you may sometimes face the dilemma of showcasing your gun collection while keeping them safe.

However, balancing the two can be quite challenging, and most people have to choose between hiding and displaying them at the risk of being stolen or accessed by children.

But this shouldn’t be the case. You can display your gun in many ways while still ensuring they’re safe from burglars and away from the reach of kids. That said, here are five gun display ideas to showcase your collection safely:

  • Wall Mount Display

Wall mount gun displays are an excellent way to showcase your collection. It allows you to display your collection safely, whether a shotgun, handgun, rifle, or entire gun collection. You can consider using a low-profile gun wall mount to mount each weapon individually. 

Wall mounts come in various styles to complement your home’s aesthetic, theme, and design. You can even use a fireplace wall mount for a more iconic view. However, you must set it up properly and safely.

  • Shadowbox Gun Display

The shadowbox gun display is an excellent and convenient way to store and showcase your gun col safely. However, it’d only be suitable for displaying about two smaller guns, such as a derringer and pistol. Therefore, you may want to consider display cabinets if you have more than two firearms. You must also use sturdy locks for shadow boxes for safety purposes. 

  • Pegboard Display

Another excellent option for showcasing your gun collection is a pegboard display. It allows you to conveniently hang ammunition, firearms, and other accessories. You can get them from a home improvement store and install them on your own. You can also use a custom-backed display as a pegboard alternative. It lets you add a custom backing material instead of a pegboard. 

  • Coffee Table Display

Another convenient way to display and store all gun types is by using the coffee table display. The best part about them is that you don’t have to buy them; you can make them yourself. They have locks to keep them safe from unauthorized people and lighting inside the table for visibility.

Try to look for something that’ll match the aesthetics of your home. You can even try making it look more luxurious by adding velvet foam bedding or changing the frame color.

  • Classic Case Display

The classic gun display case allows you to display your collection while ensuring safety. Glass cases may not protect them from thieves, but they’ll at least keep them away from children’s reach. 

You can opt for locked gun cabinets that allow you to lock your merchandise and display it when necessary. However, you may want to observe the following tips to ensure you don’t compromise on safety:

  • Practice safety precautions: The classic case display has its risks. Therefore, you may want to practice some safety precautions that’ll help you avoid accidental injuries and theft. First, you must ensure that all guns are unloaded and locked before displaying. You must also store the ammunition and weapons separately.
  • Use polycarbonates or laminated glass: Consider using laminated glass or polycarbonate when using a case or cabinet display. They help increase security as they can withstand external force and reduce break-in possibilities. 
  • Consider installing an alarm system: You may also want to consider installing an alarm system to prevent burglars from stealing your guns. The same system can notify you if someone unauthorized is trying to access your guns.
  • Consider your household: It’s crucial to consider your household type before you can display your collection. How you’ll store your collection when living alone will differ from how you’ll display them when you have a family and children running around the house. 
  • Buy quality locks: Most gun owners keep their weapons unlocked and exposed to people coming into the house and children, which poses a risk for everyone around. Ensure you buy locks for your gun collection, and don’t skimp on quality. They should be sturdy and of good quality.
  • Enhance your display frames: This also lessens the chances of someone breaking into your gun collection. The idea is to incorporate display frames, making it impossible for others to remove the guns without opening the cabinet.

Locked classic display cases are also convenient as they act as home furniture and help reduce gun theft. Remember, safety should always be your priority with ammo and firearms. 


These are some gun display ideas you may want to consider when showcasing your collection. Some, like wall mount displays, cases, and cabinet displays, are safer than others. However, all offer convenient ways of storing your guns. Store your firearm and ammunition separately and keep them far from your children’s reach for safety.