Useful Tips for Traveling in Cancun with Kids

By  //  March 7, 2023

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Taking a trip abroad includes lots of planning and preparation. From keeping track of finances down to deciding what to pack, the whole experience is stressful for many.

Adding kids to this mix sounds like a recipe for disaster!

However, traveling with kids does not mean you have to sacrifice on a trip full of fun adventures and memories. 

There are tons of things you can do to make the trip more enjoyable for the entire family. 

Keep reading to find out useful tips you should keep in mind when traveling to Cancun with kids.

Dealing With Flights And Airport Transfers

Flight schedules and airlines are unpredictable as it is and can cause you to be stranded at airports for hours with no information on what is to come. If you are flying out from a place that usually has rough weather, the flight experience can become even worse. 

Kids and airplanes often do not mix well. But you can bring snacks, games, and even extra clothing on the plane with you to make sure you’ve got everything your kids might need. 

Children’s ear plugs are also a good investment as kids are more sensitive to ear pressure change which often makes them cry uncontrollably.

Additionally, you should try to have most parts of your trip planned already so you just have to arrive at the airport in Cancun and get going instead of trying to figure out where to head next while standing outside the airport. 

An easy tip is to book your airport transfer to your hotel in advance. 

For example, many people decide to spend their first night in Playa del Carmen so pre-booking a direct transfer from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen can save you from the hassle of waiting for a pick-up.

Allowing The Kids To Have Some Agency

The problem with most kids traveling to a new destination is the fact that they are experiencing something completely new and are extremely stimulated. While this stimulation is great for their brain development, it might translate to frequent tantrums and rebellious behavior. 

One way to combat that is to give your child some agency in the decisions you make throughout the day. It can be as small as asking them to decide whether they want to take a nap or go swimming before lunch. 

You can even make it seem like their answer matters a lot when picking which outfit to wear for the day or deciding what to pack

Having this sense of control will make them less likely to throw a tantrum over something that upsets them.

Being Flexible With The Itinerary

Any advice about kids in any situation will almost always be along the lines of “be prepared to be late to everything” and it’s the most valid advice possible for traveling with kids. 

Don’t be too ambitious with your travel itinerary, if you can’t fit everything you want to do in a day then stay an extra day or sacrifice something else. Trying to overload a day with activities will only result in tantrums and disappointments. 

Don’t be shy to plan downtime on the beaches in Cancun or take that late checkout. After all, this should be a relaxing vacation even if it is incomplete based on everything you had planned on doing.

Moreover, when problems arise, make sure to take them in stride and deal with them instead of ruining your holiday mood over something insignificant. Think of them as adventures instead of nuisances. 


All in all, traveling to Cancun and within Mexico, in general, can be pretty affordable. 

And of course, choose to look at the brighter side. Traveling with children has a few perks like free entry for kids to tourist attractions and priority boarding on flights.

So splurge on some luxuries, if you can, to make the trip with your kids easier and more memorable!