Best PDF File Repair Tool-Wondershare Repairit

By  //  May 22, 2023

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There are several instances when PDF is the approved file format, and you have no choice but to adhere to these standards. Excellent examples include case studies, bank statements, software documentation, and resumes, to mention a few. 

Therefore, the PDF format is indispensable. Unfortunately, there are times when it gets corrupted, and the need to repair pdf arises. Fortunately, various ways of repairing such documents to recover crucial PDF files exist. 

The results you get will depend on the pdf repair software you choose, though. That is why it is important to choose the best. So, here is a discussion on your best choice and how to use it to recover your PDF files. Check it out!

Why Do You Need A PDF File Repair Tool?

Some people have no idea they would need a pdf repair tool until they find themselves in situations that demand the same. So, what situations could lead to the need for such a service? They include the following;

  • Several Windows errors could damage your files, including those in PDF format.
  • In other cases, it is a malware attack that has led to the corruption of your PDF files.
  • Other PDF issues arise during transfers of these PDF files between one computer to another or any other storage device, most likely after a transmission is interrupted or the internet is unreliable.
  • An issue may also arise from the failure of your storage device, such as the USB flash disk breaking down or an external hard disk having bad sectors.
  • If you open your PDF files with a tool that is not among those designed to open that format, that is enough to corrupt the document.
  • If your system shuts down involuntarily when you are in the process of opening your PDF file, corruption may also occur.
  • When downloading a PDF file, you should also ensure that your internet connection is stable enough to facilitate a complete and successful download. Otherwise, the file structure will get damaged, leading to a corrupted document. 
  • Lastly, you should ensure that you edit your PDF files with a tool that works correctly, or it will corrupt the documents.

Best PDF File Repair Tool

Once you realize your PDF file is corrupted, you will need an excellent pdf repair tool for accurate results. An excellent choice that has passed the test of time is the Wondershare Repairit

It is an effective tool for recovering damaged and corrupt files following various causes, including the following;

  • Using incompatible programs to open or edit a PDF file
  • Your computer has a malicious file commonly called malware or virus
  • Your system shutting down unexpectedly due to carelessness or sudden power interruptions
  • Your hard drive or storage media is experiencing technical problems
  • Downloading a PDF document wrongly or using an unstable internet connection

How To Repair PDF Files With Wondershare Repairit?

The Wondershare Repairit pdf repair tool allows you to use two approaches. You can consider the software or the online option. The software requires you to follow the following steps;

  1. Launch Wondershare Repairit and go to File Repair option from the sidebar.
  2. Select Document File Repair and add one or more corrupted PDF files using its Add button
  1. Navigate to the File Repair tab to initiate recovery and monitor progress.
  2. Wait for the process to complete, preview the repaired file and click OK when satisfied.
  3. You can save it on your device in a location of your choice for future use.

Other than visiting the Wondershare Repairit website instead of launching the software on your device, the process is the same when using the online option. 

The steps are as follows;

  1. You will add the corrupted files.
  2. Wait for the files to load and display their properties before clicking Repair PDF.
  3. Give the process time and save the good ones in an appropriate location.

More About Wondershare Repairit

It is surprising how much one can benefit from the Wondershare Repairit pdf repair software. Its features include the following.

  • It does not corrupt your PDF file’s integrity or original quality throughout the repair process.
  • It is secure enough through encryption during the process and permanent deletion after 3 hours.
  • The tool will repair various file formats, including PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and PDF.
  • It works with storage devices such as USB flash drives, cameras, phones, and SD cards.
  • It can repair up to 300 files in a month per customer for the online version.
  • Its file size can be up to 300M.
  • However, there is no limit regarding the number of documents and the file size when using the software.
  • That software is compatible with both Mac and Windows Operating Systems
  • Its success rate is impressive
  • The cause of damage could be a virus attack, file format change, and system crash, and the pdf repair tool will still work.
  • The extent of damage should not bother you since the tool can work with a changed file layout, unreadable content, blank files, unrecognized formats, and files refusing to open.

Tips To Prevent PDF Files From Getting Corrupted

If you want to prevent your PDF file from getting corrupted, try out the following tips;

  • Ensure you download your PDF file before viewing it directly upon receiving it as an attachment.
  • Besides viewing, you should also download the PDF document before printing it, or direct printing will corrupt it.
  • If you must send a PDF file via email, go the extra mile and compress it to prevent its corruption
  • Whereas the browser you are using can open a PDF document, avoid using this method, or it will corrupt the file.
  • Clearing your browser’s cache before downloading a PDF file can prevent corruption.
  • Right-clicking on the PDF document and selecting the download option when downloading it can also make a difference.
  • Equally important, avoid bad pdf repair software since it can do more harm than good, thus leading to permanent damage to your PDF files
  • One can insist enough on backing up your PDF files in another storage device to have an alternative upon damaging one of its copies.
  • Ensure that you always shut down your computer following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Remember that suddenly unplugging the device is one of the reasons a fair share of people is dealing with corrupted PDF files.
  • Troubleshoot or uninstall any software application in your device that threatens the integrity of your files, including those in PDF format
  • Always safely remove any external drive to avoid document damage that will not even spare PDF files.
  • Lastly, prioritize installing anti-malware software, especially if you transfer and download files over the internet since malware is popularly known for corrupting PDF files.

All the above measures have proven effective in preventing one’s PDF files from getting corrupted.


Interestingly, there are various ways you can do to prevent a PDF file from getting corrupted. Fortunately, if the files get damaged despite the precautions, you can always consider pdf file repair. 

Several choices exist, but the best pdf repair software is Wondershare Recoverit. Its features discussed above illustrate why many people consider it the best option. It is also easy to use, with only a few steps to follow. So, try it out when one of the many possible causes of PDF file corruption leaves you in a tight situation.